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   Chapter 40 Forty

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Just as she promised herself, Jayda made sure she stored her fridge with Ice Cream and chocolates so she would have something to personally celebrate her birthday with.

The last thing she remembered before she fell asleep was that the next day was Saturday, her birthday and she was going to sleep to her satisfaction and probably wake up at noon.

Unfortunately, someone decided to spoil that plan by showering kisses all over her face, disturbing her sleep.

"Lily, I told you not to come over until 5 in the evening. Why are you here this early?" Jayda mumbled, not opening her eyes.

Lily did not reply and neither did the person showering kisses on her face stop.

Jayda groaned and tried to hide her face in the pillow.

She heard a familiar chuckle and a very familiar voice whispered in her ear. "Happy Birthday, my love."

Jayda opened her tired eyes immediately. She smiled as she came face to face with Sebastian.

Seb reached for her hands and kissed it. "I wish you long life and prosperity, good health, more riches, more happiness and every other thing you can ever wish for."

Jayda blushed, "Thank you."

Sebastian leaned closer to her and kissed her forehead.

"Thanks for surprising me with your presence. I'm happy to see you here but how did you get in?" Jayda asked curiously.

"Lilian gave me her key to your apartment." He said and she nodded.

"I have a surprise for you."

"Really?" Jayda asked excitedly as she sat up.

Sebastian rose to his feet and reached for the cake that was on the nightstand. Jayda's heart melted. Aside from the cake, there was a gift bag which she was sure was for her.

Sebastian handed the cake to Jayda who looked at it adoringly.

"Thank you." She said as she accepted the medium size cake.

Seb scratched the back of his neck as he spoke. "I had wanted to add some candles so you'll make a wish but I really do not want to overdo the surprise."

Jayda smiled. "It's fine. I already have all I could ever think of. I have you; the love of my life, I have our little miracle growing inside of me, I have Aaron, I have my parents, family, friends and I have a successful career. God has truly blessed me."

Sebastian placed a kiss on her lips. He handed her a knife and she was able to cut the cake. Sebastian brought out his phone and took pictures of Jayda and her cake.

She ate a few pieces and also fed Sebastian some.

"This cake is really good." Jayda complimented with a mouth full of cake.

"I knew you would love it. It's from Cakes & Creme." Sebastian said proudly.

They both ate a few more pieces before they decided they've eaten enough for the meantime.

Sebastian collected the remaining cake and placed it aside.

He reached for a gift bag on the nightstand and handed it to Jayda.

"My birthday gift to you, I hope you love it."

"Thanks." Jayda smiled at Seb. She wasn't even halfway through her birthday yet and she already concluded that this was the best birthday ever. She was happy Sebastian came over to her place to start her da

athroom to clean up. Sebastian arranged Jayda's bed and took the remaining cake to the kitchen.

Jayda walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later with fresh clothes on and they made their way to the dining room where the chef had already set up a romantic breakfast for them.

Jayda and the love of her life had breakfast and they made funny conversations in between.

An hour after they finished their breakfast, Two of Jayda's building securities came into her apartment with unexpected birthday gifts.

"This is from Saunders and Co." The taller security guard, holding a very big hamper said as he placed the hamper at the centre of Jayda's living room.

"Then these gift bags are from people I honestly can't remember their names but I made sure the delivery guys left a note in them." The other security guard said as he placed the six gift bags on the carpet, beside the hamper.

"Thank you Guys, " Jayda said to the security guards. They nodded and took their leave.

"I guess these are the things that scare me from celebrating. I receive so many gifts that make me feel overwhelmed."

Sebastian smiled. "It shows you're loved."

"Do you want to open them now or wait till later, " he asked.

"I'll open them later. Let's go to where you want to take me to." She said excitedly.

They both reached for their Jackets and walked out of Jayda's apartment with their hands intertwined.


Jayda chuckled, "You've got to be kidding me, Sebastian."

Sebastian shrugged and made his way towards his bike. He sat on it and put on his helmet.

"I never knew you were a biker!" Jayda said in disbelief.

"Sebastian Miller is versatile." He said proudly.

"Come on, we are going to be late." He mugged her to come closer and she did. He wore a helmet for her and then she hopped on the bike, wrapped her arms around his waist and rested her chin on his shoulder.

Jayda was loving how her day was going already. For once, she wished her birthday was every day so she would get pampered by Sebby.

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