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   Chapter 38 Thirty Eight

Cold Showers By Symplyayisha Characters: 7296

Updated: 2019-11-18 02:38

"Daddy, is Jayda no longer coming to see me?" Aaron asked for the 6th time.

Sebastian smiled, "She's on her way buddy. She should be here any time from now." Sebastian replied as he poured some water into Aaron's sippy cup and handed it to him.

"Thank you, " Aaron said as he collected the cup from his father.

Sebastian connected his hands with Aaron's tiny ones then they made their way to the back to the living room to go continue watching Aaron's favorite cartoon.

Seb left work a little bit early today and made his way to Katie's place to pick Aaron for the weekend. From the moment they got settled in his car, he has been asking about Jayda.

Unfortunately, Jayda had to stay back at work a little because she had an impromptu meeting with important members of the firm.

A few minutes later, the doorbell rang.

"Jayda is here?" Aaron asked as he rose to his feet excitedly.

Sebastian chuckled, "I guess so." Then he made his way to the door with Aaron behind him.

"Heyy!" Jayda smiled at the love of her life as soon as he opened the door for her. She stepped in and gave him a quick kiss on his lips and after they pulled away, Seb kissed her forehead.

Jayda was about to ask of Aaron when she felt someone tug at her dress. She looked down and came face to face with a smaller version of Sebastian, smiling widely at her.

She returned his smile and dropped down to his height.

"Hello Jayda, my name is Aaron. I'm happy you came to see me." He said with a smiley face.

"It's nice to finally meet you, my love." Jayda placed a kiss on his cheek before pulling him into a hug.

Sebastian's heart melted as he watched the duo interact. He felt fulfilled.

"Daddy said my baby brother or sister is growing in your belly." He said as soon as Jayda pulled away from the hug.

"Yes, my love. Your younger sibling is growing in my belly." She pointed to her small bump.

"Do you want to feel it?" She asked and Aaron nodded immediately.

Then she placed his tiny hand on her belly for him to feel his younger sibling.

Sebastian squatted towards them and joined their little discussion.

"Do you think it will be a boy or a girl?" Seb

y were done with dinner, Sebastian cleared the table and arranged the dishes in the dishwasher while Jayda took Aaron's bath for him and helped him change into his Pyjamas.

Then the trio cuddled on the sofa in the home theater with some popcorn, watching Aaron's cartoon. He was in between Jayda and Sebastian.

Halfway through, Seb noticed Aaron had dozed off.

He picked his son up and took him to the guest room. It was already arranged for him.

Seb gently placed Aaron on the bed and covered him with the duvet.

"He looks so much like you. He has your nose, eyes, smile, and your personality. He's so adorable." Jayda said as she watched the little guy sleep.

Sebastian chuckled and wrapped his arms around Jayda's waist. She was standing by the bed.

"I know. I really hope I can make it up to him and also be a good role model to him and his baby brother or sister."

"You're amazing, you'll do just fine, " Jayda assured before placing a kiss on Seb's lips.

The duo kissed Aaron's forehead and they walked out of the guest room.

When preparing the guest room for Aaron's arrival, Seb made sure he set up a camera that was connected to his IPad so he can monitor Aaron while the little guy slept.

"So What have you planned for us for the weekend, " Jayda asked as they made their way to Seb's room.

"A lot of fun activities. We will be going out tomorrow and on our way back, we will stop at Caleb's place for dinner.

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