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   Chapter 36 Thirty Six

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It was second to none that Jayda Wright was an exceptionally brilliant Lawyer. Opposing counsel prefer to settle with Jayda and whoever she's representing so it would be a win-win situation for all because they were aware Jayda hardly loses a case. She gives her all to every client she works for and that has actually been a plus to her successful career.

Jayda mostly works for high-class clients, particularly, Close clients of the firm and not everyone could afford to pay for her services.

So every two months, She takes up three pro bono cases, sometimes more than three, depending on how busy her schedule is. She does that to help the less privileged who wanted Justice and couldn't afford a lawyer.

She has been doing that for three years now.

That brings us to the courtroom. Jayda was representing a 36-year-old single mother of four children to help her find the justice she deserves.

Jayda heaved a sigh, gracefully rose to her feet, made her way to the front of the judge and gave her closing speech.

Halfway through her speech, she sighted Sebastian who was seated amongst the audience.

She was surprised, she wondered what he was doing here when he had a company to run.

Sebastian, on the other hand, had a proud smile on his face. He winked at Jayda when their eyes connected.

Jayda quickly looked somewhere else and continued her closing speech before she gets totally distracted by Sebby.

Jayda made her way to her seat once she was done with her speech and the counsel for the defendant rose to give his speech.

After that, there was a few minutes of silence before the Judge made his judgment.

Jayda and her client rose to their feet and so did the opposing counsel and his client as the Judge gave his verdict.

Judgment was given in favor of Jayda's client. Jayda won the case and her client burst into tears of Joy.

While everyone made their way out of the courtroom, Jayda's client hugged the hell out of her and thanked her for intervening in her matter. She was happy to be out o

nd showed Sebby her baby bump. It was now times two of what he saw two nights ago. Thankfully, the Jacket hid the bump.

"Wow, This is amazing!!!!" Sebastian said with smiles all over his face as he caressed her bump.

"I know." She chuckled.

"Now will you please accompany me to the mall?" She pouted.

"Sure, anything for you Wifey"

Jayda blushed. "So can I have my black card back?" She asked shyly.

Sebastian obeyed. He reached for his wallet in his pocket and brought out the card.

Jayda accepted it and kept it in her purse. She reached for her handbag, Sebastian assisted her in carrying her fancy briefcase which had some files in them and they walked out of the courtroom with their hands intertwined.

"So it's only you today. You didn't come with any of your interns."

Sebastian asked and they both stop in their tracks.

"Yes, in as much as they would love to, they had so much to do in the firm today so I had no choice but to come alone. I guess that's why I'm very happy you came to watch me. Thank you."

Sebastian smiled and placed a quick kiss on Jayda's lips.

"Seb, there are cameras all over." Jayda whisper-blushed.

Sebastian shrugged like its no big deal. "I'm not shy to express my love for you anywhere so let them deal with it." He placed his hand on her lower back and guided her out of the courthouse.

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