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   Chapter 31 Thirty One

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Sebastian swallowed painfully and ran his fingers through his already messy hair. His life was way more complicated.

"Where is he?" He asked, referring to Aaron.

"Taking a nap but he should be up by now, " Katie said before making her way to where Sebastian presumed was Aaron's room.

'What type of a father would he portray if Aaron was truly his son and he chose not to be in his life?'

Soon enough, Katie came back with Aaron on her hip. The little boy was still booting from his sleep and had his head rested against Katie's shoulder.

Sebastian could not see his face properly and neither has the little guy seen him.

"Aaron, Your Daddy has come to see you, " Katie said to her son.

Aaron removed his head against Katie's shoulder, the little boy became alert.

"Daddy?" He smiled, showing his dimples. The dimples were the only thing Aaron inherited from his mother, Katie.

Katie had tears in her eyes, she knew it was a dream come true for Aaron to finally meet his daddy after days of him asking her about it and she stylishly avoiding the question.

"Yes, love. Your Daddy is over there."

That's when Aaron noticed Sebastian's presence. He was standing beside the couch.

He gestured for his mommy to put him down which she did and then he took fast steps towards Sebastian.

Sebastian squatted towards him and before he could utter a word, Aaron hugged him.

"I miss you Daddy." the little boy whispered against his chest.

Sebastian wiped a tear that unintentionally rolled down his own cheek. It felt amazing to hear Aaron call him Daddy. A word that he didn't think he would hear until his child with Jayda starts talking.

Sebastian pulled away from the hug and took in Aaron's features. The small boy was a replica of him. In addition to other similarities, Aaron had Sebastian's beautiful eyes; the eyes that Jayda confessed she could stare at all day.

More tears welled up in Seb's eyes but he managed to hold them back. He was sure Aaron was his, he could see it and feel it.

Sebastian took Aaron's hands in his. "Sorry I've not been there for you all these while. I promise to make it up to you okay?"

Aaron smiled and gave Sebastian a positive nod.

Sebastian managed to return the smile and then kissed his forehead.

"Daddy, I want to show you my new toys, " Aaron said excitedly.

"Sure, I'd love to see them, " Seb replied.

Aaron happily connected his tiny hands with Sebastian's own and led him to his room where his toys were.

Halfway through Seb and Aaron

ed him I will check on him tomorrow evening."

"Do you plan to tell Jayda?" Lily asked.

"I don't know. What if she wants nothing more to do with me after I tell her everything?"

"I've lost her once, I can't afford to lose her again. Life without her is not the same, I love her so much"

"Besides, I don't want her to worry because of her blood pressure. The Doctor said we should not engage her in things that will make her worry or depressed."

Caleb heaved a sigh. "So when you spend time with Aaron, where will you tell Jayda that you went to?"

"The lies will keep piling up and she will eventually find out the truth." Caleb reasoned.

"Jayda is very unpredictable with how she handles different situations but one thing I can tell you as her best friend is that she hates lies."

"Aaron is a part of you, I understand the fatherly love you have towards him and I understand your desire to make it up to him especially after you've missed so much in his life."

"Jayda will be taken by surprise when she hears about it, I mean who wouldn't? You never saw it coming. Caleb and I even thought you called us here to help you plan a surprise proposal to Jayda."

"All I can say is that Jayda deserves to know what's going on."

Sebastian ran his fingers through his hair. "It's not that easy guys!"

Lilly and Caleb's heart went out to Sebastian. They could see the stress combined with nervousness and fear on his face.

Lilian wished there was something she could do to help but sometimes in life, there are things we must accept because we have no control over them. She has known Jayda since forever and one thing is for sure, Jayda won't take the news well.

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