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   Chapter 29 Twenty Nine

Cold Showers By Symplyayisha Characters: 10236

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Sebastian felt his whole world had been crushed when he heard Lilian say that Jayda had an accident.

He sat numb for the first sixty seconds wondering how his world had fallen apart. Two hours ago, he felt fulfilled and happy that everything was going well with him and two hours later, the whole joy had turned into sadness.

Seb came back to reality and left his parents' mansion. He ignored his mother's plea of letting her or his father come with him. He was clearly in a state that they were afraid of him driving and besides that, they wanted to give him their support.

Sebastian refused to allow his parents or any of his siblings to go with him to the hospital. He promised to call them to keep them updated.


After a few minutes of driving beyond the speed limit, Seb got to Lucendris hospital and made his way to the reception. He was directed to the ward where Jayda was.

With quick steps, he made his way there and immediately he entered the room, he saw Jayda seated on the bed in a hospital gown.

Unintentionally, he ignored the presence of everyone in the ward, went to where Jayda was and gave her a bone-crushing hug.

He released her from the hug and took a thorough look at her, no injury except a small cut by the right side of her forehead which was covered with a bandage. Then he rested his forehead against hers. "You scared me Jayda, I thought I had lost you." Seb didn't realize he was crying until Jayda wiped a tear that rolled down his cheeks.

"I'm sorry for putting out a scare." She said in remorse.

Sebastian's hand went to her belly. "Our baby is fine too right?" He asked.

Jayda nodded against his head and Sebastian heaved a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, Jesus."He muttered.

He gave Jayda a kiss on her lips and settled beside her with her hands in his.

It was after his moment with Jayda that he acknowledged The Doctor and Nurse in the room. He greeted them and they replied to his greetings.

"Jayda almost got hit by a truck driver but thankfully she and the baby are fine. Only her car got damaged"

"Her blood pressure went up due to shock from the accident. We will be keeping her with us for the night and see how things go tomorrow before we can decide when to discharge her." The middle Aged Doctor concluded.

"I will also suggest bed rest for her when she leaves here. At least two to three days of bed rest. You must make sure she's pampered, make her happy and keep away talks or news that will make her feel sad or depressed."

"Thanks, Doc, " Sebastian said, noting all that he said.

The middle-aged Doctor gestured towards the nurse standing beside him as he spoke to Jayda.

"She will be back in thirty minutes with your medicines and to check your blood pressure again."

Jayda nodded."I hope the medicines won't harm my baby?" She asked hopefully, not comfortable with the idea of taking medications that were not vitamins.

"It won't." The Doctor assured after which he and the nurse took their leave.

Sebastian looked into Jayda's eyes which w

of these is my fault. I'll be taking time off work to look after Jayda and maybe see Aaron. I'll also ask Katie for a DNA test to be done. I will tell Caleb to assist me with running the company because I'm not in the right mind to do anything relating to work."

"Your Dad can also step in for you at work. I promise you Seb, we will go through this. Please stay strong."

"Thanks, Mom, I have to go back to Jayda I'll call you tomorrow."


Sebastian called Caleb and told him about Jayda's accident, leaving out what he and his family discovered tonight. After that, he called his secretary to inform her that he's on emergency leave.

Sebastian returned to the ward and saw Jayda sitting up on her bed, scrolling through her phone.

"Are you sure you don't want to inform your mom?" Seb asked as he took a seat beside her.

Jayda snuggled closer to him. "I'll tell her in three days."

"You look sad, is anything the matter?" She asked concerned.

Sebastian kissed her forehead. Then he looked into her beautiful eyes. "My greatest fear is losing you and my baby and I wouldn't want that to happen."

Jayda smiled, "We are fine, that's all that matters and from now on, I promise to be more careful."

Sebastian nodded.

"My Mom and Caleb sent their regards. Caleb will be here tomorrow."

Jayda nodded.

"I really hope I get discharged by tomorrow, I'm tired of being here already."

"And thank you for agreeing to spend the night with me here." She smiled.

"Anything for you my love."

"I hope your family meeting went well." She asked concerned but got worried by the scared look Sebastian was putting on.

"Is Amelia okay?" Jayda asked in fear.

Sebastian swallowed painfully. "She is fine. She had a few things to tell us and that's all."

Jayda knew there was more to the matter. She could see it in Sebastian's eyes but she decided not to push any further.

She took his hand in hers and assured him. "You can talk to me whenever you feel like talking about anything."

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