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   Chapter 28 Twenty Eight

Cold Showers By Symplyayisha Characters: 10042

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The Millers chose to have their emergency family meeting in the second living room downstairs.

Vanessa and her husband, Albert, occupied a double couch and opposite them was Sebastian and Olivia who occupied another double couch.

Amelia finally joined them and occupied the seat beside Sebastian.

The whole family was anxious and worried about what she had to say. For some reason, Vanessa could tell it was bad news because she had never seen Amelia in this state.

She was putting on a pale dress that stopped right above her knee and her hair was in a messy bun. She hardly looked into any one's eyes as she took a seat beside Seb.

"We are all here now. Go ahead and tell us what we need to know." Albert encouraged, even though he dreaded to hear what was about to come from her mouth. But at the same time suspense was killing him.

The quicker she talk about what was bothering her, the quicker they solve the problem.

For the first time that night, Amelia looked at her family who was looking back at her for answers. She heaved a sigh and then spoke.

"It was not my intention to hide it from all of you but I had no choice because she promised me she was going to tell y'all herself."

"She?" Vanessa asked, Amelia nodded positively as she played with her hands. "Katie."

Everyone replied Amelia with a confused look. They wondered what Katie had to do with them. They only know her because she used to be Amelia's best friend.

Amelia swallowed painfully and continued talking.

"You all know that Katie and I used to be best friends. Something happened and that's why she stayed away from me and it's also the reason why she has been avoiding all of you."

"After four years of not getting in touch with each other, I bumped into her at an event I attended three weeks ago. She was reluctant to talk to me but I forced her to because I was eager to know why she cut me off without any trace. She gave different excuses but I didn't believe her. I've known her all my life and I could tell when she was lying."

"I was desperate for answers, I wanted to know where she was or whom she ran away with four years ago so I hired a private investigator. I paid a lot for him to get me all the information I needed."

Amelia looked into Sebastian's eyes with pity. "The reason why Katie stayed away from us is that she was pregnant and the child is yours, Sebastian."

"Are you drunk?" Sebastian rose to his feet. All he could see was red. He knew he was a player before he met Jayda but he would never stoop so low to sleep with his younger Sister's best friend.

"How can you and Katie accuse me of such rubbish?" He said in anger. Never did he even find Katie attractive.

"Amelia are you sure you know what you're talking about?" Albert intervened and Amelia replied with a positive nod.

"Just admit you don't like the fact that Jayda and I are together instead of cooking up stories." Sebastian scolded her.

"Please take your seat, Sebastian." Vanessa pers

istence a secret anymore and at the same time I didn't want to ruin what you have with Jayda because these past few days with her have been the happiest you've ever been."

"I'm really sorry for everything Sebastian but this is the truth."

Sebastian had his face buried in his hands all through Amelia's narration. He remembered that night, but not much of it. The only thing he could do to get rid of Susan's betrayal was to get drunk. The only thing he remembered from that night was that he was totally drunk and he woke up naked the next morning. Only then did he realize that he fucked someone but the person had left before he woke up.

Sebastian knew he was officially ruined. Everything he has worked for and earned was officially over. No doubt Jayda was going to end things with him when she finds out he has a son. Someone whom he's just learning about his existence. Thanks to his so-called sister who refused to open up three weeks ago.

Sebastian jogged back his memory of what happened three weeks ago. That was when he was trying to win over Jayda's heart/ their reunion. He wondered if it would have made any difference had it been Amelia opened up then. He wondered why life has always been unfair to him.

Vanessa rose to her feet and made her way to where Sebastian was seated. She made him look at her.

"I remember that night. I don't remember much of it because I was drunk. I remember waking up naked and by then, the person who I had a one night stand with had disappeared."

"My life has always been a mess and it keeps on getting messier." He concluded.

Vanessa who had unshed tears in her eyes always had answers for her son but this time around, she was short of words.

Just when Sebastian thought he had had enough, his phone rang. He reached for it in his pocket and saw that it was Lilian.

He sighed and picked up the call.

"Yes, Lily."

"Sebastian, I'm on my way to the Lucendris hospital, I just got a call from them; Jayda had an accident."

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