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   Chapter 26 Twenty Six

Cold Showers By Symplyayisha Characters: 9475

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Sebastian engaged Jayda into random conversations on the ride to her place and soon enough they reached her apartment.

She made Seb get comfortable on the couch in the living room and entertained him with a glass of wine while she went to her room to pack an overnight bag.

Sebastian chuckled as soon as Jayda reappeared with a medium size backpack. She had also changed her outfit to a knee-length dress and she had her sandals on.

"I changed my mind, I'll be spending the weekend with you." She said shyly.

Lilian had gone over to Roman's place for the weekend so Jayda thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to spend her weekend with Sebastian. That way, they will get to know each other better.

Sebastian smiled, "I have no problem with that. I'll be honored to have you over for the weekend."

He rose to his feet with his empty glass cup. "Let me clean this and we will get going." He made his way to her kitchen and was back in no time. Sebastian collected the bags from her while she locked up the apartment and then they made their way to the car.


"Welcome to my apartment!" Sebastian bowed, ushering her into his crib.

Jayda took slow steps in and began to admire his place. His apartment was bigger than hers and decorated with the finest and most expensive furniture.

Sebastian placed Jayda's bag on one of the couches in the living room and proceeded to where she was standing by the window. He wrapped his arms around her waist from behind and she rested her head on his chest.

"I'm sorry my apartment looks a bit masculine."

"It's fine, it has this homey feeling and I love this view."

Sebastian kissed her cheek before turning her around to face him.

"Do you feel like eating anything?"

"No, I'm okay." She replied.

"Are you sure?" He asked again and she replied with a positive nod.

Seb showed Jayda around his apartment. He showed her his kitchen, guest room, gym, and office/library.

"I saved the best for last, This is the master bedroom and where we will be sleeping." He introduced as they walked into his bedroom hand in hand.

Sebastian didn't lie when he said he saved the best for the last. His room was indeed a typical billionaire's room.

Jayda turned to face him. "It's beautiful but are you okay with the both of us sleeping here. I don't you want your privacy?" She shuttered.

Seb closed the gap between the two of them. "There's nothing that will make me more fulfilled than having you sleep and wake up beside me for the rest of our lives."

"The weekend is short and I want to spend every single moment with you"

Jayda blushed, "How did I get so lucky to have you?"

Sebastian shrugged with a grin. He was the one who considered himself lucky to have Jayda.


While Jayda took a shower in Seb's bathroom

am to hear you feel the same way about me. I love you, Jayda." He said sincerely, looking into her beautiful eyes.

Slowly, Jayda connected her face with his and placed a soft kiss on his lips. She was about to pull away when Seb deepened the kiss. It was a soft passionate kiss; he took his time to explore every inch of her mouth.

Even after they pulled away from the kiss to catch their breath, Sebastian kept on showering kisses on Jayda's earlobe, down to her neck. She moaned louder when he kissed and teased her soft spot with his teeth.

"Sebby!" She whispered, her eyes closed, enjoying the pleasure he was giving her.

"Yes, my love!" He answered in between kisses.

"Please!" She moaned, stylishly grinding herself against him. She could feel his bulge through his sweatpants.

"You want me to stop or continue?" He asked even after he knew she wanted him. He knew he had promised her that nothing was going to happen between them so he was ready to stop if she doesn't want to go through it. Even though it means taking another cold shower.

"I... want Sebastian." She declared.

Sebastian Miller stood up with Jayda in his arms and lay her gently on his bed before making his way to her top.

"I've wanted you so bad for days my love, I promise this will be better than the first, " Seb said then slowly traced kisses from her jaw to her neckline, to the top of her breast.

"I hope you don't turn cold tomorrow because if you do, I'm leaving you for good." She moaned as Seb took her left nipple in his mouth.

He sucked the left nipple, teased it and played with the right one before giving her a reply.

"I've learned my lesson, my love. You've made me a better person." He replied and went ahead to pleasure her core.

Sebastian took his time to worship Jayda's body. He was true to his word; The lovemaking was better than their first.

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