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   Chapter 24 Twenty Four

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Lilian had gone back to her apartment to sort things out and prepare for her boyfriend's arrival which was in a few days so Jayda was home alone.

After taking a shower and changing into her comfy nightdress, she made her way to the kitchen for a glass of orange juice which she will take along with the Pizza she bought on her way back from work.

Before she could settle on the couch and enjoy her meal, there was a knock on the door.

She reluctantly went to answer the door and came face to face with a delivery guy who was with a big rectangular box. Jayda found it weird for him to be doing deliveries at night and besides she didn't order anything so he must have come to the wrong place or at least come to ask for directions.

"Good evening ma'am." He greeted.

"Good evening. How may I help you?" She asked.

"Miss Jayda Wright?" He asked and she replied with a positive nod.

"This is for you." He stretched out the package for her to accept.

"I didn't order anything." She clarified, giving the delivery guy a confused look.

"It was ordered on your behalf ma'am." He encouraged her to accept the package and she did.

Before she could tell the guy 'Thank you' He took his leave.

Jayda shut her door and proceeded to her living room. She sat on the couch and began to unravel what was in the box.

A smile made its way to Jayda's face as soon as she came across all that was in the box. An elegant red dress, a pair of matching heels, clutch and jewelry. There was a note in the box so she reached for it and read what it says even when she already had an idea of who it came from.

"Mi Amor, I have an event to attend on Friday. Will you accompany me and be my date? I promise to make it worthwhile. Please just say ``yes!" Sebastian...

Jayda blushed and kept the note aside. She took out the dress from the box and admired it. It was her size and she could tell Sebastian spent quite a lot on it. The heels were her size and the jewelry was so beautiful.

She placed all the items in the box and took it to her room. Then she reached for her phone on the nightstand and dialed Sebastian who picked up immediately.

"Hey, " He said excitedly, perhaps because he has been expecting her call to know if she would be his date for the event.

"I just got the package." She said to him.

"Will you accompany me? I really have to show up for this event and I don't want to go alone or with another person. Please be my date?" He asked nervously.

She smiled, "Okay, I'm in."

"Thank you, I promise it will be worth your time, " Sebastian assured.

"I'm sure it will, as far as you're there with me, " Jayda said.

ed them wine.

"Sorry I can't join you guys in the wine fest so I will stick to my orange juice." She took a sip of her juice before settling on a couch opposite her best friends.

"Lilian told me everything on our way back from the airport. I truly admire your strength Jayda and I can't wait to give Sebastian my warning too."

"Thanks to your girlfriend, She kept me sane and was always there for me whenever I needed advice or a shoulder to cry on." She winked at Lilian who had a proud smile on her face.

"So I assume you've met Sebastian before, " Jayda said to Roman.

"Yes, Gabriel introduced me to him when I attended one of Lilian's family gatherings"

"But I must say, you are glowing and looking very radiant. I can see Sebastian's influence on you." Roman said as he wrapped his arms around Lilian's neck.

"Oh please, we are taking it slow." Jayda blushed.

"Jayda means everything to that cousin of mine, he is ready to do anything for her and I have no doubt she is in good hands, " Lily assured her boyfriend.

Jayda brushed her fingers over the tip of her glass cup which still had some orange juice in it. "I'm happy it was all a blessing in disguise." She smiled.

"Now enough about me. how was your trip, Roman? and I hope you bought something for me." She pouted.

Lilian chipped in, "He dare not come home empty-handed. Your gift is at my place, I will bring them when I come over to your place."

Jayda nodded.

"My trip was fine, I don't think I'll be traveling for a while, at least not for work purposes. I want to settle down and start my own family." He looked at Lilian with dreamy eyes.

"Perfect, I don't have to worry about my baby not having a playmate, " Jayda said excitedly which made Lilian blush even more.

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