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   Chapter 23 Twenty Three

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Lilian was somewhere around Millers Inc so she decided to stop by to say hello to Sebastian.

"Hello Cousin, " Lilian said in a sing-song voice as she stepped into Sebastian's office.

Seb chuckled as he rose to his feet. He approached Lilian and gave her a hug.

A few days back, they were nothing but enemies. Thanks to Jayda, they now acknowledge themselves as cousins.

"I almost did not believe my receptionist when she said you were here to see me." He said as he ushered her to take a seat opposite his desk.

"Well, I was somewhere around so I decided to stop by to say Hi. I promised your baby mama that I was going to come to see you in the office and discuss a few things with you."

"I don't want you to call her that, she means so much more to me." Sebastian pouted at the word 'baby mama.'

Lilian chuckled with her hands up. "I apologize."

"Anyway, as Jayda's best friend and the Godmother of your baby, I come in peace to give you an official warning not to hurt them in any way or else, Mr. Sebastian Miller, you'll have me to deal with." She threatened with a serious face.

"I learned my lesson Lily, hurting them is the last thing on my mind right now. I've lost Jayda once and I don't want to lose her again. I knew all I went through to make her talk to me or even see me and I don't want to go through that phase again."

Lily nodded. "I feel rest assured hearing this from you."

"Jayda has never taken any of her relationships serious but she promises to give her all and make things work out for you two."

"What I'm saying is that some things are going to be new to her so please be patient with her." Lily clarified and Sebastian nodded.

"So, you are our baby's Godmother." Sebastian teased.

"Of course, I am, " Lily replied proudly.

"And don't you dare take such position away from me." She threatened.

Sebastian smiled, "I promise, I won't."

Lily's eyes connected with the cute frame on Sebastian's desk. She took a closer look at it and awed when she saw it was his baby's ultrasound picture.

"This is beautiful, " Lilian whispered.

Seb smiled proudly. "I know. When I look at the picture, I feel more motivated and blessed. The thought of having a younger version of me who will call me Daddy and look up to me for so many things sends chills down my spine."

"I'm really happy for you and Jayda. She said she wants the baby to be a boy."

Sebastian smiled, "She told me but I'm sure we will be fine with whatever gender."

"Anyways, Jayda's birthday is in a month and I've come to inform you so you will start planning something elegant for her."

"Maybe we can throw her a surprise party, inviting family and friends."

"Jayda has never been a partying type so all her birthdays have been celebrated indoors."

Sebastian nodded. He didn't know her birthday was close by and that made him realize they didn't know much about each other. For some reason, Seb was determined to make this birthday special for her and he promised to make it one of her best birthdays.


Evening Time.

The Millers' Mansion.

Vanessa Miller was having dinner with her husband and her girls when a question crossed her mind.

"Have you girls congratulated your brother?"


"For what? Did he buy a new car?"

Olivia and Amelia asked respectively.

Vanessa took a glance at her husband before she spoke. She thought Sebastian would have told them about it.

"Maybe I should let Sebastian tell you guys himself, " Vanessa concluded and continued eating her food.

"Why mom? tell us. We are anxious to know." Olivia bugged.

"I agree with Olivia, If it's good news we'll love to know, " Amelia added.

"Okay, " Vanessa placed down her cutlery.

"Your father and I are going to be grandparents."

The girls were shocked, Olivia looked from her mom to her Dad who nodded, confirming what his wife just said.

"Wow." She said after a while. "That means Amelia and I are going to be aunties, " Olivia said with a smile.

"That's if the person claiming to be pregnant for our brother is saying the truth and not just a gold digger like Susan, " Amelia said harshly.

"Can you just be positive for once?" Albert said to his elder twin daughter who internally grumbled. No one got a hint of what she said.

"Mom, Dad, Don't mind Amelia. She

has always been jealous of all the girls Sebastian has been with."

"Anything that makes you sleep at night. Excuse me, " Amelia picked up her plate which had some leftovers in it and her glass of orange juice and then she walked out of the dining room.

"I thought she would at least be happy for Sebastian." Vanessa muttered as she went back to her food."

"Like always, she will come around. Let's just give her time to digest the news."

"But Mom, Dad, this girl is for real right? She loves my brother and the baby she's expecting is Sebastians'" Olivia asked hopefully. She was as crushed as Sebastian when they found out Susan's intention. She wouldn't want any of her loved ones to go through that again, most especially her brother, Sebastian.

"Yes, Yes, Yes, " Vanessa replied.

"But we will leave it to Sebastian to tell you more about it, " Albert said.

Olivia nodded in understanding and proceeded to devour her grilled chicken.


After clearing the table, and catching up with some funny talks with her mom, Olivia Miller returned to her room, took a shower and changed into her comfy nightdress. She was about to call it a night when she decided to call her brother to congratulate him.

Sebastian picked after a few rings.

"Am I speaking to the most amazing father to be in the world? the one who refused to inform his sister that she is going to be an aunt." Olivia teased.

Sebastian chuckled from the other side. "I'm sorry for not telling you sooner Liv. A lot has been going on in the past few days."

"No problem. I called to congratulate you but at the same time I'm worried."

"Worried about what?" He asked concerned.

"The girl you are with. You love her right? And I hope she feels the same way about you. She's not like Susan, right? I don't want you to go through another heartbreak."

Sebastian smiled, he could hear the concern in his younger sister's voice.

"There's nothing to be worried about Olivia. I finally found the right girl and she's the one I want to send the rest of my life with."

"Congratulations then, If you're happy, I'm also happy for you." She said to him.

"Thanks, Liv." Sebastian smiled. "So I assume Mom and Dad didn't tell you who the person is.

"No. They said they will leave it to you to tell Amelia and I" Olivia replied.

"Okay, Let's just say you know the person and you see her almost every day, " Seb said.

"Sebastian, you know I'm not good at guessing." She groaned.

"Okay, She's Lilian's best friend." He announced.

"Lilian? Lilian's best friendjQuery21407585461615962759_1572737693732" Olivia thought for a while and then it hit her.

"Oh My God!, Seriously? Wait, are you for real?" She asked surprised.

"Yes dear, " Sebastian answered proudly.

"Oh my God!!!!!" Olivia screamed in excitement. Sebastian burst into laughter as he removed his phone from his ear for a while.

"How? Where? When? I've been working with Jayda recently and I see her almost 100 times in a day. I even run errands for her and she never said anything to me." Olivia said, extremely surprised.

"Jayda is so perfect for you. How come you are this lucky? How did you guys even meet? How come I never knew about this?" Olivia added. Even though she was surprised about everything. She was glad Jayda was the one carrying her brother's child. She wouldn't have asked for a better person for her brother than Jayda.

Sebastian chuckled, "Calm down miss." He could picture Olivia walking up and down her room, rambling on the phone and that was exactly what she was doing.

"It's a long story, Olivia. I fucked up along the way because of my fear of getting hurt again. But Jayda forgave me and now we are planning on making things work between us."

"She didn't know you're my Sister until very recently. I love Jayda and I plan to spend the rest of my life with her." Olivia held back happy tears. She could feel the happiness in her brother's voice and that made her extremely happy.

"I wish I could hug the hell out of you right now Seb. I'm so happy for you and at the same time I'm so proud of you." Liv confessed as she plopped down on her bed.

Sebastian smiled, "Thanks, Sis. Now that you know about everything, don't go around bugging Jayda."

Olivia giggled, "Don't worry, I won't."

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