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   Chapter 22 Twenty Two

Cold Showers By Symplyayisha Characters: 10002

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As soon as Sebastian settled in his car, he had an incoming call from Caleb; He picked up immediately.

"What's up, Bro?" He said to Caleb.

"Hmmm, someone seems extremely happy today."

He smiled, "You have no idea how happy I am."

"I'm happy for you Seb. How did the appointment go?" Caleb asked.

"Very well. Jayda is fine and our baby is fine and growing well. The Doctor said we should be able to know the gender on our next appointment."

"Jayda and I were opportune to hear our baby's heartbeat and I promise you it was the most amazing sound I've ever heard. At that moment I felt blessed and complete."

"Jayda agreed to give us a Chance which I'm very grateful for. Today is not even over yet and it is already one of the best days of my life."

"Congratulations man. I'm happy that everything is falling in place for you. Always make her happy and pleaseeeeee don't mess things up."

"I won't, I promise, " Sebastian assured.


Sebastian had smiles on his face throughout the day which did not go unnoticed by everyone. He was extra nice to his workers and even gave them an early day off. But he stayed back and worked till 6 pm, his usual time.

Before leaving the office, he decides to text Jayda.

"Mi Amor, "

Sebastian's phone beeped immediately, his smile grew wider when he saw that Jayda has replied to his text.

"Mi Corazón" She replied which made Sebastian blush a little.

"I hope you had an amazing day. I know you haven't had dinner yet. What should I order for you?" Seb.

"I did. Thanks but I'm not hungry. I'll just take a glass of orange juice before I go to bed." Jayda.

"Are you home already? Please, you have to eat something; for our baby's sake, even if it's only a little. Remember what the Doctor said." He persuaded.

"I just got home. I'll find something to eat. I'm so tired to cook so I'll call Lily to buy something on her way.'"

"It's fine. Just tell me what you feel like eating and I'll order it for you and Lilian."

"I think some Chinese will do." Jayda.

"Okay, it will be delivered to you soon. I'm about to leave for my apartment. I'll give you a call before I go to bed."

"Thanks, I'll be expecting your call." Jayda.


As soon as Sebastian got settled in his apartment, He got his laptop and face timed his Mom, wanting to give her the good news of how his day went.

Sebastian chuckled as soon as his mother's face came into view. She had some white scrub on her face. "Mom, you're still on with your facial routine."

"Of course! I have to look sexy for my husband." She admitted with a smile.

"How are you? You look really happy tonight."

"I'm fine Mom. I accompanied Jayda to her doctor's appointment today."

"Are you for real?" Vanessa asked surprised.

"Yes, Mom. She called me yesterday to ask if I will be chanced to come along with her."

Vanessa had smiles all over her face. "Wow, that's amazing. How did it go? How is she and my grandchild?"

ad wanted to ask what those words meant. The words engraved on the bracelet you wore today."

"Oh!" Sebastian muttered.

"Yes, so what do they mean?"

"The words on it are powerful words relating to someone very special to me. I promise to explain what they mean the next time we see."

"No problem, but I hope that very special someone is me"

"Hopefully!" Sebastian chuckled.

"So how is our baby doing?"

"He is fine."

"He?" Sebastian reiterated.

Jayda smiled, "Or She. I don't want to refer to him or her as 'it' anymore."

"Okay, But you want our child to be a boy?" He asked.

"I'm fine with any gender but I'm hoping it will be a boy. That way, he would be there to protect his younger Siblings."

Sebastian smiled at her reply. She wanted more kids, so does he and hopefully, she will have them with him.

"What about you? Do you want a girl or a boy?" She asked.

"I haven't really thought about it but I'm fine with any gender." He confessed.

"It's fine then, Let's God's Will be done, " Jayda concluded.

"I face timed my parents this evening and showed them the ultrasound picture. They were very happy."

Jayda smiled, "I can't wait to meet them. Our baby is so lucky to have two sets of grandparents that are going to spoil him or her."

Sebastian smiled, "I know, my mom can't wait to meet you too."

"I promised her I'll bring you to the mansion soon so you can meet them."

"Not a bad idea. I'm ready whenever you want us to go." She assured with a yawn.

"Someone's feeling sleepy. Let me allow you to go to bed. It was nice talking to you, my love."

Jayda chuckled, "Sorry, I get tired easily nowadays. It was nice talking to you too and I wouldn't have imagined going for that ultrasound on my own. It was worthwhile with you in there." She admitted.

"And thanks for Dinner." She added.

"Anything for you and our baby. Have a good night rest dear, don't forget to dream about me."

Jayda chuckled, "I'll try, Goodnight."

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