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   Chapter 20 Twenty

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As soon as Jayda ended the call, Sebastian did a happy dance for a good three minutes. He wanted to go to the rooftop of his office building and shout out loud that he was going to his baby's appointment tomorrow.

Before he left the office, Sebastian contacted his Secretary to reschedule all his morning meetings. Jayda and his child matter the most in his life, every other thing can come later.

Seb had smiles on his face as he drove to his apartment. He took a shower and ate dinner after which he facetimed Caleb.

"Guess what Caleb?" Sebastian said.

"You bought a new car, " Caleb replied dryly. It was second to none how Sebastian changes his cars.

"Unfortunately, No."

"Then what is it?" Caleb asked curiously.

"Jayda called me this evening."

"Are you for real?"

Seb replied with a positive nod. He had smiles all over his face.


"That's amazing."

"I know, I can't stop smiling since then." Seb Justified.

"So what did she say?" Caleb asked interested.

"Well, she thanked me for all the gifts I sent to her, I apologized for everything I did and she invited me to her Doctor's appointment tomorrow."

"That's amazing, I'm so happy for you Seb. You lost her once and I really hope you learned your lesson. Now that she has given you another chance, Please don't screw it up. A girl like Jayda is hard to find."

"I promise I won't screw up."

"So, which outfit should I wear tomorrow?" Sebastian asked as he moved his camera to four different pairs of suits he had set aside in his closet.

Caleb chuckled in disbelief.

"You're going for an appointment man and not a party."

Sebastian moved the camera back to his smiling face, "I know, I want to look good for Jayda and my baby."

"I See....someone is over excited about tomorrow, " Caleb exclaimed.


Sebastian hardly had any sleep last night. He kept on replaying his conversation with Jayda in his head and for some reason, he felt today will be the start of a new beginning for him and he promised to be very careful not to screw anything up.

Seb was up by 6:33 am, he did his morning ritual and made himself a cup of coffee which he sipped while doing some work on his laptop.

Once it was almost 8:30, he got ready for the day and left for the hospital.

It was as if Sebastian and Jayda plan to arrive at the same time. As soon as Sebastian got down from his car, He sighted Jayda pulling up in the space next to where he parked his car.

As nervous as he felt, he went over to her side to welcome her but he had to wait for a while because she was on a call.

As soon as Jayda ended her call, She reached for the handbag that was on the passenger's seat and helped herself down, only to come face to face with Sebastian who had both of his hands in his pocket. She

ng well, Your baby is growing perfectly. She said to them and the parents to be nodded with smiles on their faces.

"Keep eating healthy, avoid stress and always stay hydrated."

Dr. Davis turned to Sebastian and said, "I'm counting on you to take very good care of her and the baby. Again, Don't feed her with only chocolates, let there varieties. You can mix the chocolates with healthy food and drinks and maybe a little bit of healthy sex to help your baby grow healthier."

Sebastian chuckled, "Noted Doc."

Jayda's face was almost as red as a tomato. But Seb gave her hand a light squeeze, indirectly telling her that she doesn't need to be shy about what the Doctor said.

Doctor Davis handed Jayda a meal plan and prescriptions of the vitamins she should get.

"Your next appointment is in a month. If we are lucky, we will be able to tell the gender."

Thanks, Doc. Jayda stood to her feet and Seb wore her blazer for her. She put the prescription and meal plan in her handbag then gave Doctor Davis a goodbye hug.

Seb and Jayda made their way to the pharmacy section of the hospital to buy Jayda's vitamins and before she could pay for the items, Sebastian beat her to it by handing over one of his black cards to the cashier.

"Wow, thanks, " Jayda mumbled.

He smiled at her. "No need to mention."

Seb collected the medicines and his card and then they made their way out of the hospital.

"Jayda, Do you mind if we have breakfast together?" Seb asked as he scratched the back of his next.

Jayda wanted to say no because she had work waiting for her in the office but she couldn't bring herself to decline his offer after looking into his pleading eyes. Come to think of it, she was a little bit hungry.

"Sure!" She agreed and Seb let out a sigh of relief.

They walked down to a fancy restaurant which was not far from the hospital.

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