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   Chapter 16 Sixteen

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Lilian planned on not allowing Jayda go to work but Jayda proved her wrong with how energetic she turned out to be. She woke up early and offered to make breakfast for herself and Lilian.

Lily made sure Jayda ate everything that was on her plate and she made sure her best friend took her vitamins.

They cleaned up, prepared for work and left Jayda's apartment in their cars.

Jayda got to her office at exactly 8.30 am. She placed her handbag on the golden brown mahogany desk and settled in her chair. She took out her diary and went through all of what she had to do for the day. She was about to do some paperwork when she was disturbed by someone knocking on the glass walled door.

"Come in, " Jayda said, without even looking at the person who knocked.

"Someone delivered this for you ma'am " Anna smiled as she placed a big bouquet of red roses and a box of chocolates on Jayda's table.

Jayda looked at the items on her table, then she took a look at Anna, her Secretary.

"Are you sure they are for me?" She asked and Anna nodded positively.

"Who sent them?"

A delivery guy brought it here. He said it was for Jayda Wright.

Jayda reached for the note in the middle of the roses.

"I'm deeply sorry for everything, Jayda. I'm not expecting you to forgive me immediately but please give me a chance to prove to you and our baby that I'm worthy to be in you guys lives."

Sebastian Miller.

Jayda shook her head in disbelief and placed the note in the middle of the roses.

Anna was about to take her leave but Jayda stopped her.

In two minutes, Jayda typed a couple of things on her laptop and printed it. She folded the printed paper and placed it in a white envelope that had the logo Saunders and Co.

"Send them back to Miller's Inc." She referred to the Flowers and a box of chocolates.

"Ensure they are delivered to Sebastian Miller along with this." She handed the envelope over to Anna.

Anna reached for the items on Jayda's desk and made her way out of her office.


The term "Heartbroken." will not be enough to describe how Sebastian felt when his receptionist walked into his office with the items he sent to be delivered to Jayda this morning.

"She sent them back, " Maria mumbled as she placed the items on his desk.

"This was delivered too." She handed her Boss a white envelope which he opened instantly.

Sebastian went through the letter.

It was a Formal reminder, requiring him to deliver the documents Jayda sent to him by noon today.

She made it known in the letter that the papers must be sent back with his signature already tendered. And the restraining order filed against him applies to gifts. Therefore he shouldn't have anything delivered to her office or home.

Sebastian sighed defeatedly and placed the letter

wed my past and fear make me look down on my present and I regret it."

"Please help me, Lilian, I know I've done a lot of damage but I'm willing to do all it takes to get Jayda and my child back. You're Jayda's best friend and you're also the key to her heart. I'm not expecting you to apologize to her on my behalf but I want you to help me plead with her to see me."

"I owe her an apology and I want to apologize to her in person. I want to ask for her forgiveness, explain why I acted the way I did and confess to her how I truly feel."

"Please Lilian, talk to her for me."

Lilian sighed. "This is really beyond me Sebastian. Once Jayda has made up her mind about something, it is so hard for her to go back from her decision. Besides, I don't trust you Seb, what if you end up hurting her again."

"I promise you that I will never hurt her again. I swear."

"You know what Sebastian? This is really between you and Jayda. I don't want to get involved. Good luck in doing all that you need to do to win her back. I have to get back to work." Lilian didn't give Sebastian the opportunity to reply because She ended the call immediately.

Sebastian threw his head back against the headrest, he ran his fingers through his hair and heaved a sigh.

He didn't want to go extreme but now that he has exhausted all his direct options, he had no other choice but to do what he had to do.

He dialled Isaac who picked up immediately.

"Yes Boss, " Issac answered on the other side. Sebastian rarely calls him and when he does, he knew it was for business.

"Issac I want you to get me some info about Jayda Wright. She works in Saunders and Co. I need her house address and her personal phone number. I hope I'll be able to get them before the end of the day."

"Yes, Sir. I'll make sure you have them in a few hours." Issac replied and Sebastian ended the call.

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