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   Chapter 34 Love I'm Willing To Die For

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 5598

Updated: 2019-11-25 21:29

Emily's p.o.v

The next time I woke up, it wasn't to the sound of a metal door opening, like I thought I would. But instead I woke up due to the loud gunshots that were echoing all around. Knowing that Blake and the rest of my friends were out there fighting for me, risking their lives for me, while I could do nothing but wait in this cage infuriated me. Which is why I started kicking the bars and making a loud ruckus. Doing this unintentionally irritated one of the guards outside the door, causing him to open my cell with the intention of shutting me up.

But instead, I knocked him out the second he opened the door, before dashing through the main prison door and into the huge massacre playing out right in front of me. Frantically, I searched for Blake and anyone else I recognize. I spotted Blake and let out a sigh of relief but soon sprinted in his direction when I saw Jason aiming his gun at him.

As I jumped into his open and awaiting arms, my whole world seemed to freeze as I felt blood soak my shirt. It was mine. I had just taken the bullet aimed for Blake and in doing so, I saved the love of my life. And for that I am thankful. Everything seemed as though it was in slow motion as Blake pulled out his gun and shot Jason 3 times before turning back to me, begging me to stay awake. To stay with him. By now, everything was over and we won. Blake ran outside the house with me in his arms and three men following before getting into the back of a black van and ordering the men to drive to a hospital.

Knowing that I might not make it, I lifted my hand up to his cheek, wiping a tear away, bringing his attention back to me. "You need to hold on

girl named Emily Spades, she was brought in about 6 hours ago with a gunshot wound."

The confused look on his face soon turned to one of realization and he simply replied "Follow me" I followed behind the doctor as he led me through the medical ward before stopping at room 304 and opening it. "She came out of surgery about an hour ago. She's in here" He said before leaving me alone with Emily who was sitting up in her bed looking at me with teary eyes. I rushed towards her and carefully took her into my warm embrace. "I thought I lost you" I said, recalling the moment when I thought the doctor was talking about Emily. "You're not going to get rid of me that easily" She replied with a cheeky smile. "Well I woul-" I was suddenly cut off when the door to the room slammed open and Ashley started barrelling towards us with Alex and Kayden hot on her tail. They all hugged the life out of her, while being careful of her wound, and told her about the doctor's mistake.

I just watched her, the love of my life. Thanking God that I was lucky enough to call her mine. And I never planned on letting her go.

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