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   Chapter 33 Prisoner

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Emily's p.o.v

I wake up and groan as my consciousness slowly returns. Looking around, I notice that I am chained to a wall in what looks like a prison cell. Last night's events all of a sudden came rushing back to me and I started to panic. Millions of thoughts were rushing through my head and I couldn't even hear myself think. Where am I? What happened? Are my friends ok? Is Blake ok? What is going to happen to me?

All my thoughts were silenced as I heard the sound of footsteps approaching. I made a quick decision to pretend like I was sleeping and closed my eyes. "When do you think she will wake up?" A deep voice echoes through the cold cell. "Not much longer" A familiar voice replied. "Good, boss wants you to wait here and immediately inform him when she wakes up, not a second later." The first voice said before the sound of footsteps once again echoed through the hallway.

A few seconds passed before the familiar voice spoke again. "I know you are awake" he said. Seeing no use keeping up the act, I opened my eyes, realizing why the voice sounded so familiar. It was Kayden, my cousin. I couldn't believe it. He's a traitor.

"How could you" I spat at him. "Its not what it looks like" His eyes pleading with me to hear him out. But I was blinded by rage. "I TRUSTED YOU!!!" I screamed. "If you wou…." Not giving him the chance to finish, I cut him off "AFTER EVERYTHING I HAVE DONE FOR YOU!!!" I was so angry, the pain I was feeling momentarily disappeared as I screamed. "Please, jus……" Once again, I cut him off "YOU PIECE O…" But before I got the chance to finish my sentence, he cut me off. "IF YOU WOULD JUST LET ME SPEAK FOR OE FUCKING SECOND, I COULD EXPLAIN THE SITUATION TO YOU!!" After his outburst, silence filled the room. Only our heavy breathing could be heard. I nodded my head, signalling that I would listen and he nodded back with an appreciative look on his face.

"I know you think I'm a traitor. But I'm not. Three months ago, an old friend of mine got into contact with me and asked me to do him a favour. His little sister had been taken captive by this gang and since I am only a street-fighter and not part of a gang, he asked me to go under cover and rescue her. I found her and I have been gaining more and more trust every day. I was planning to bust her out with the help of her brother, Andrew, and his gang. But everything is different now that you are here. I need to bust you out of here as well but you arrived, security has been doubled and I don't doubt that you will be watched like a hawk as soon as they realize you are awake. I want to help you; I just don't know how." He sighs with a defeated look on his face. What he says does make since so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, what do I have to lose?

"If you want to help me, find a man named Blake Santiago. Tell him where I am and set up a meeting between Andrew, Blake and Ashley, she is my right hand so she has control over my gang while I am absent. If Blake is reluctant to listen to you just say 'my little Pony'. He will know what that means. I know that they'll come up with a plan to get me and Andrews sister out of here. While you are gone,

e the power to make or break me. I guess I broke it when I fell in love with Blake. That's right, I said LOVE.

I was suddenly snapped out of my thoughts when he cleared his throat. "Finally, you're back where you belong. With me." He said, a wicked smirk on his lips. "What are you talking about? Why am I here?" I ask, trying to contain my anger, knowing that it will do me no good in this situation. "Isn't it obvious? I want you back, I know that you made mistakes in the past but I am willing to put that all behind us so that we can start a new relationship. I even removed the bounty from your head. I only put it on in the first place to get you here, but now that you are, we can be together forever. Marry me?" He finished with a smug look on his face as if he already knew I would say yes. Well he has another thing coming.

"No" I said bluntly, as if the topic should not even be pondered for another second. "No?" He asked a look of confusion and anger replacing his smug look. "NO, I do not wish to marry an arrogant pig such as yourself. You say I made mistakes in the past? YOU WERE USING ME FOR INFORMATION!!!" Before I could continue, he slapped me in the face and ordered the men behind him to beat me up. The entire time he just stood there and watched and when they were done, he simply said "I am going to come in here every day and give you the same proposal, if you are smart and say 'yes', I will free you, we can get married and live happily for the rest of our lives. Every time you say 'no', you will remain a prisoner down here, receive one meal a day and the same men will come in and use you as their punching bag. They won't go any further than that and they are not allowed to give you any fatal injuries but a lot of pain will come your way if you say 'no'. Your choice. I'll be back the same time tomorrow. Goodbye sweet cheeks"

Flashback over

And with that, he left me in that cold dark cell trying not to move as it hurt to do even the simplest things such as BREATH. I really hope Blake gets here soon. If not, I will slowly lose my sanity and maybe something even more precious.

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