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   Chapter 29 Miami

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Updated: 2019-11-25 21:06

Emily's p.o.v

A couple of hours after I fell asleep in Blake's arms, we had to wake up again and get ready for our flight to Miami. We are all now boarding the jets. Me, Blake, Alex, Levi, Ashley and Chris were on one plane and the others were on the other plane. At least I am not the only girl on the plane. It is a 3 1/2-hour flight and I did NOT want to be the only girl.

When we finally boarded the jets, we sat down and waited for take-off. A couple minutes later the plane started taking off, and once we were safely in the air, we took our seat belts off. I was seated at one of the window seats, staring at the ground getting further and further away. I was so lost in my own thoughts that I didn't notice Blake taking a seat in front of me until he cleared his throat.

"Are you ok?" he asked me, looking concerned. He is so sweet and caring, how did I get so lucky? "Yeah I'm fine, I was just thinking." I simply replied so that I don't worry him any further. "Alright, we are about to play truth or dare on the couch if you want to join us." I nodded my head in reply and followed behind him as we made our way to the couch where the others were already seated.

"Ok, here are the rules. If you don't complete the dare or truth given to you, then you are disqualified. Let's play, Emily, you start, truth or dare?" Chris asked me. I decided to be a little risky. "Dare" I replied, hoping that I wouldn't regret it later. " I dare you to sit on someone's lap until it is your turn again." He dared me smirking, I saw him glance at Blake who was also smirking. They planned this. They are probably expecting me to sit in Blake's lap. Just to spit them, I won't.

I got up and sat in Ashley's lap, we are best friends so she doesn't mind. A couple months ago we had to go under cover and pretend we were a couple, every time it's brought up, we laugh so hard recalling the memories. The shocked look on Blake's face soon turned into a pouty face as he started doing baby grabby arms at me, willing me to come sit on him. I just shook my head and ignored his sulking, thinking about who my next victim is going to be. Eeny meeny miny moe, I thought, stopping on Alex.

"Alex, truth or dare." I asked with a devious smirk on my face. He looked at me suspiciously for a few seconds before answering. "Truth" Just what I was hoping for. "Do you have a crush on Lara?" I asked, waiting for him to admit what I already know. He hesitated for a bit befor

and only yours." By then he had calmed down and was looking at me with admiration in his eyes. "And I am Yours" He replied sending a wave of butterflies through my stomach. I turned back around and faced the others and continued the game.

"Blake, Truth or dare?" I asked. "Dare" he replied. And I knew the perfect dare. "I dare you to…. do the chicken dance" I said with a cheeky smile. By the shocked expression on his face, I could tell he was expecting something else. But to avoid being disqualified, he lifted me off his lap, stood up and did the chicken dance for 2 minutes. He sat back down, pulled me onto his lap and then looked e directly in the eyes before asking, "Emily, truth or dare?" Knowing what was coming, I chose dare. "I dare you to kiss me" I smiled; "Easy" He turned me around so that I was now facing him. I slowly leaned in and soon, our lips were locked and we were in a full blown make out session. After a minute or two, we heard someone clear their voice behind us.

Me and Blake pulled apart, breathing heavily, just staring into each other's eyes. The person behind us cleared their throat again dragging our attention away from each other to Alex who had an annoyed expression on his face. I just rolled my eyes while Blake grumbled something along the lines of 'ruining a perfect moment' and 'He's dead' I just ignored his comments and turned around so we could continue playing truth or dare.

And that is how the rest of the plane ride went, playing games, sharing stories and learning more about each other. And soon we were in Miami getting off the plane and collecting our bags. Let the fun begin.

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