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   Chapter 27 Broken Trust

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 6541

Updated: 2019-11-25 21:03

Emily's p.o.v

It is now Monday morning and I am on my way down to the infirmary to see how Alex is recovering. Last night me and Sarah were able to remove the bullet and stitch him up. Luckily the bullet didn't hit any organs. He is fine now but doc put him on bed rest for the next two days. He is still coming with us to Miami, he just won't be able to participate in all the activities I wanted to do.

The elevator stopped at the first floor where Blake got in, and from there we both continued on our way to the infirmary. I gave Blake the code to the infirmary so he could visit Alex when he wants considering Alex is his best friend. When we got to the infirmary, we were greeted by the site of Alex stuffing his face with some scones and Dylan on the other side of the room, watching him with an amused look. I asked Dylan to keep an eye on Alex for me to make sure he was alright; he must have brought him breakfast.

The both of them finally realized that me and Blake were in the room, watching them while trying to hold back our laughter at the sight of them. Alex looked like a deer caught in headlights. We couldn't hold it in anymore and burst into fits of laughter, nearly falling over in the process. Once we had calmed down, we looked back at Alex and Dylan who both had an unamused expression their faces.

After a few moments of us just staring at each other, we all burst into laughter. We calmed down from the laughing fit and I made my way to Alex's bed, snagging a pancake, ignoring the pouty face he gave me. "Dylan, we have to get to a meeting so say goodbye to your new bestie and meet me outside with the car." He nodded, knowing that we are meeting up with the leader of the Soul Seekers in 1 hour.

I turned to Blake, the man who unknowingly holds my heart, and Alex, My big brother. "I have to get going, I have some business I have to get done, I'll see you both later." I said before Making my way to the front of the

heal and climbing back into the van, followed by Dylan and my guards, then driving to the street fighting club. I would have gone alone but Dylan insisted on coming. What a morning.

Blake's p.o.v

She is the leader of the King Cobra's. I can't believe she is the leader of THE King Cobra's. And she didn't tell me. Well, I didn't exactly tell her I was a gang leader either. I should have told her, and now, I have put a big rift in our relationship because of my stupidity. I need to make it up to her. I had just arrived home and explained everything to Alex, who was now allowed to leave his bed. he still needs to take things slow so he doesn't re-open her stitches, but he is still allowed to roam around the house.

"What are we going to do?" Emily trusted us, and we broke it. It is going to be extremely hard to get it back. Even though she tried to hide her emotions, I saw the hurt in her eyes as clear as day. I hurt her. And now I have to fix this.

Me and Alex decided we would just wait until she gets home to talk to her so that she can blow off some steam. In the meantime, we explained the situation to the others. They weren't happy that I hurt Emily, their leader/ Boss lady, but they agreed to help me. And so, we waited. And we will continue to wait until she returns home.

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