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   Chapter 26 Girls Night Out

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 5736

Updated: 2019-11-25 21:02

Third person p.o.v

When Emily got home from work, she changed into her clubbing clothes and got ready for the night ahead of her. She entered the lift and made her way down to the bottom floors kitchen to wait for the other girls. When they were finally ready, they joined Emily in the kitchen for a few minutes before making their way to the front door.

Blake had heard them coming and got ready to slip the tracker into Emily's handbag. As they rounded the corner, Blake walked into Emily, quickly slipping the tracker in without anyone seeing, and apologized before looking her up and down.

He couldn't help but stare at the gorgeous queen in front of him. His Queen he thought to himself. Blake apologized one more time before tearing his eyes away from Emily and making his way to Dylan's room, where the other boys were waiting for him. The boys in Dylan's room watched as the girls got into one of the cars that were parked out front and drove off.

Blake quickly entered the room and told the boys that the tracker was planted. "Now all we need is a car" Blake said, wondering where they were going to get a car from. They had come to Emily's house in her car and there are no more cars parked out front.

"We will just borrow one of Emily's" Dylan answered, shrugging like it was no big deal. But Blake didn't miss the look of fear that that passed through his eyes. However, he chose to ignore it for now and focus on the task at hand.

Dylan told everyone to wait by the front door and he will get the car. He entered the code and made his way to B1, the basement. He opened up the ramp, took one of Emily's black vans {they normally use on missions} and drove up the ramp to the others who were

nd we all ran to the elevator. I entered the code needed to get into the infirmary and turned my attention to Alex. "You need to stay awake for me, I can't lose you. Please." I begged him, something I very rarely do. In reply, he just weakly lifted his and creased my cheek.

When the lift opened up, we ran into the infirmary and laid Alex on the surgery bed while the doctor prepared for surgery. I put on some scrubs as well and got the equipment needed considering I will be assisting Sarah in this operation. I have been in a situation before where one of the younger members of my gang needed immediate medical attention but there was no one close enough to help him other than me. Because of that, he died in my arms.

He died for me and I couldn't save him. After that, I learnt how to preform simple operations' and a few other medical tricks. I won't let Alex die, I am going to do everything I can to save him, just like he saved me. Sarah pushed everyone but me out of the surgery room and started operating on Alex. As we were about to give him a sedative to knock him out, I whispered one last thing to him. "don't die on me"

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