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   Chapter 25 Dinner

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Emily's P.O.V

It is now 7:00pm and I am in the kitchen preparing dinner. Honestly, I don't normally cook this much. At all. After my friends introduced themselves to my other friends (yes, I consider Blake and his friends as my friends now) I heard some fighting, which was expected.

But after 10 minutes of war, my friends from Italy finally accepted that I forgave them, well, most of them (not Alex). They are actually getting along quit well. I even think that Nick has a thing for Lara. I know for certain she has a thing for him. She looks at him like a hungry tiger stalking its prey. Ok, not quit but you get what I mean.

Anyway, after I was sure they wouldn't kill each other, I had to go to the warehouse for a couple of hours to sort out some gang work. I got back about an hour ago. I showered, changed and started making dinner. Tonight, I am going to discuss the ball and everything they need to know about the trip, after that we can just get to know each other more and enjoy dinner.

While I was working, all I could think about was Blake and the time we spent together this morning. That was one of the few moments in my life that I had actually let my mask down, and I loved it. I loved that I could be myself, and he didn't judge me.

I'm Falling for him. I know that now and there is nothing I can do to stop it or slow it down. I can only hope that he will be there to catch me. I finished taking the last dish of the stove and left everything to cool off while I went upstairs to take another shower and get ready for dinner.

While I was at the warehouse, I was informed that the leader of the 'Soul Seekers' wanted to move the meeting from next Friday to Monday. It's fine with me so I informed them of a meeting place and time. We are meeting in the car park of an old abandoned building on the outskirts of town. We are only meeting up to make an alliance and set some rules, then I will be off and preparing for the ball considering we leave on Tuesday.

~~~time skip~~~

It was now 8:00pm and I am making my way down stairs for dinner. I opened the doors to the dining room that had all the food laid out on the table and everyone already around it.

Someone must have warmed it up and laid it out on the table for me. I took my seat at the table in between Dylan and Blake. We all made small talk for about five minutes before I decided it was time to brief them on the ball and the days in between now and then.

"We leave to

of the month...." Eric takes a very dramatic deep breath, like he is delivering horrible news, before continuing. "The time of the month when the girls have their "night out". No one knows what they do or where they go because they only come back the next day and never tell anyone anything about their night. Every month we try different things that might get us to come or at least find out where they go, but every month our plans fail." Eric exclaimed with a dramatic sigh at the end.

Maybe me and my boys can help them out this month, after all, I'm a little curious myself. Besides, she has a bounty on her head. I'm not stupid enough to let her go without any extra protection.

After Breakfast the girls left and I explained to the boys that I wanted to help them. They agreed and we left the kitchen to wake the others up and come up with a plan.

By 11:00am we had a plan. When Emily was leaving, I would 'bump' into her and slip a tracker in her purse. Me and the boy's will then wait for ten minutes before we follow the tracker on my phone to whatever club they choose. In the time we have to wait, we will also be getting dressed in our clubbing cloths to make it look like we were just going to have a fun night out and ended up at the same club as them. It was perfect, and now, all we have to do is wait for Emily to come home. Since she is coming home later tonight and it is only 11:02, I decided to go to the gangs' warehouse and crack down on my work too. I set an alarm to make sure I get back to the house in time before Emily leaves. I can't wait.

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