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   Chapter 24 Unpleasant Wake Up Call

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 6617

Updated: 2019-11-25 21:00

Emily's p.o.v

It was now 6:02am. Me and Blake had just finished setting up our master plan. We call it, Operation "Wake Up Call". I know, very original but that was all we could come up with. And I kind of like it. An hour ago, after me and Blake had finished planning everything, we split up and went to each one of the boy's room while they were sleeping and set up our traps.

We split the rooms in half. I took three rooms and Blake took three. I did Dylan, Chris and Alex's room while Blake did Nick, Tyler and Levi's room. For Dylan, I poured honey on him, warped string around his room making it zig-zag and make sure that it would be impossible for him to exit the room without getting tangled in the, also covered in honey, strings. (All the boys were topless).

For Chris, I poured sticky glue on his chest, effectively covering it, and put a bucket of glitter on top of the slightly open door so that when he opened, the bucket will fall on him, covering him in glitter. I also may or may not applied some lipstick and mascara on his face.

For Alex, I poured pink paint on his hair, drew a pair of glasses on his face, painted him in glitter glue and put a bucket of feathers on the head bored just above his sleeping figure. I tied a piece of string to the handle of the bucket and the other end of the string to Alex's hand so that when he moves his hand the Bucket will come down and cover him in feathers. I left the room quietly and met up with Blake in the middle of the hall.

He had done the same thing as me just to the other three. We both lifted our blow horns and let the loud sound of it ring through the once quite house. When me and Blake heard the thumps from the rooms followed by strings of curse words, we knew they were up and furious so we made a run for it as the boys started coming out of their rooms to look for the culprits. When they saw me and Blake running down the hall, they started chasing after us, well, with the exception of Ty

, Alex, Levi, Tyler, Chris and Nick" Emily introduced us pointing towards each one of us as she said our names. "I feel a little left out, you forgot my name" Dylan whines to Emily. "DYLAN" Ashley screams and runs into Dylan's open arms that engulf her small frame in to a bear hug.

"Wait, if you two are best friends then why did she tackle you?" Nick asked. "Before I left Italy, I went into her secret stash of food and took five packets of Oreo's with me to eat on the plane. She is very protective of her food so I am assuming you ditched the others at the airport just so you can strangle my for taking your food." Just as Emily said that, 4 other people walked into the room. "You got that right; she has been non-stop complaining about how you took her Oreo's. She ditched us at the airport just to give you a piece of her mind. It's good to see you again Em's and I see you have a few guests." A boy with dark brown hair spoke.

"I can't be bothered to do the whole introduction thing again so y'all introduce yourselves and get to know each other. I'll be right back, I am just going to get a glass of water from the kitchen." And with that, she left. SHE LEFT. I can already tell by some of the glares we were receiving that this was not going to be a very pleasant introduction. Hopefully no one dies.

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