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   Chapter 23 Late Night Swim

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 8855

Updated: 2019-11-25 20:58

Emily's p.o.v

We are all now sitting at the dinner table in the dining room and I am suffocating from all the testosterones in the room. I AM THE ONLY GIRL IN THIS HOUSE WITH SEVEN OTHER BOYS. SEVEN!!!! And they all look like pigs scoffing down the lasagne I made for dinner.

After about five minutes of non-stop eating, they finally slowed down and started eating like normal people. Luckily, I made extra food so that we can eat the leftovers for lunch tomorrow but as soon as the boys started eating, that idea died. Just like my sanity.

I was getting sick of the silence and if someone didn't start a conversation soon, I would head to my room and watch movies for the rest of the night. "When did you learn how to dance like that?" Thankfully Tyler broke the silence. But how did he know I could dance? He must have been in the gym when I was dancing earlier.

Honestly, I don't care if he saw or not. "When I went to Italy, I needed a way to release all my bottled-up emotion other than just sparring. I was walking in town one afternoon and I came across a flash mob. After their dance they started running off, and I followed. When they finally stopped running and took their masks off, I caught up to them. they must have recognised me when they were doing their dance so they were about to run again but I stopped them.

I asked them if they could teach me how to dance like that and they agreed if I promised to keep their Identity a secret. They gave me the name of the studio they went to and I showed up the next day. Dancing became a big part of my life at that point. almost as if I couldn't live without it. A few weeks after I joined the studio, I met Dylan and we became really close friends. But a months after that something bad happened and to try and distract myself, I focused on my training to become the future leader of my gang. It practically consumed me so I didn't have as much time to dance anymore. Dylan also got into some shit and I ended up saving him. After that he made a blood oath to me and became one of my most trusted members and my third in command when I became leader. A lot has happened in the past two years, it almost feels like it's been 5 years. And my life doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon with the bounty and everything else." I didn't have anything to hide when it came to my dancing, it is one of the few things I am proud of.

"What happened?" Alex asked. "That does not concern any of you" I replied sharply, not wanting to relieve the painful memories. Taking the hint, Levi changed the subject before Alex could say anything else. "Do you think you could teach me how to

t the only one effected by these feelings."

My blushed deepened at his charming words. Then the perfect idea struck me like lightning. I almost forgot we were sitting on the edge of a pool. Almost. I raised my arms as if I was going to hug him but then pushed him into the pool as soon as my hand touched his back. When he came back up in the water, he had a shocked look on his face but it soon turned into a playful glare as he watched me rolling around on the ground laughing. All of a sudden, I was scooped up bridal style into Blake's wet arms.

I sequel in surprise and start struggling to get out of Blake's iron grip as he walks back to the edge of the pool that I had rolled away from while I was laughing. But alas, my attempts proved to be futile as he prepared to through me in the pool. As he throws me, I grab onto his arm and pull him into the pool with me.

We both emerge from the water and start splashing each other, engaging in a water war that raged on for the next 30 minutes. After our little war, Blake and I went to sit on the pool step so that we were still in the water just not swimming or standing. We talked about our life and funny moments and just anything and everything that came into our minds, no matter how strange or weird it was. We even had a 15-minute fight about whether or not Nutella is better than Vegemite.

Personally, I think Nutella is better than Vegemite but Blake thinks otherwise. We just continued to mess around in the water and talk for a while longer, forgetting about everyone and everything and before we knew it, the sun started to rise. "I have the best idea" Blake suddenly blurted out. Intrigued by what this 'idea' could be, I gestured with my hands for him to continue. "Let's prank the boy's"

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