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   Chapter 21 House Tour

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Updated: 2019-11-25 20:53

Emily's p.o.v

"That doesn't matter, right now I need to show you all to the rooms you will be staying in for the time being. Follow me." I could see that Blake wanted to argue but thankfully, he didn't and followed me as I led them to the guest rooms on the first floor. There are 3 upper levels and 5 lower ones. I showed them to their rooms and let them settle in. I would have to give them a tour of the top levels of my house later. I might even show them my floor.

The top floor is mine. It consists of my room, my very large walk in wardrobe my personal lounge, a kitchen and a weapon room. The upper floor also has many secret passage ways in case there is an attack.

The second floor is my friends' rooms and the game room, home cinema, karaoke room, another weapon room and a few passage ways as well. The first floor, the ground floor, is the main Entrance, lounge, kitchen, 8 guest bedrooms and a few more passage ways.

Below ground there is another 5 floors which is actually bigger than each floor above level. The only way to get to the lower levels is by using the lift. And yes, my house has a lift (elevator). The first-floor underground, the floor below level one, is B1. B1 is my garage. I have over fifty cars and motorbikes parked there. The roof also lowers into a ramp leading up to the driveway in the front of my house so if I want to drive a car out, I can use the ramp to get it out. It is also voice activated so no one can just leave with one of my cars.

B2 is my home office and personal library. B3 is the house gym. The floor has different 3 sections for different types of work outs. The gym has a section with weights, treadmills, and some other exercising equipment.

Further along the floor, there are punching bags, sparring mats and a wrestling ring

efore joining Blake at the Long Kitchen counter. I got my food and sat at the empty seat that was in-between Blake and Alex. Coincidence, I THINK NOT.

We were eating in silence when I decided to break it. "After we finish eating, I will give you a tour of the house, well, a tour of the floors you can access. There are 8 floors, 3 above ground and 5 below. You will have access to 2 of the floors above ground and 1 floor below ground.

After we finished eating, I took them on a tour of the house. I showed them the gym that they are allowed access too, the entire first floor, the pool, backyard and the second floor where all the leisure rooms are as well as the Bar room. After I showed them everywhere, they have access too, I just let them roam around the house and do what they want. I can't tell if it will be a nightmare having them stay here or not but what I do know is that it won't be boring.

But on the plus side, Dylan is coming back today. I already had someone fill him in on the situation. He should be here in about 2 hours before dinner. Oh shit, dinner. That is going to be a disaster. Dylan HATES the boys because of what they did to me. Hopefully it doesn't go to bad.

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