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   Chapter 19 Masks

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Blake's p.o.v

Lunch is now over and we are all making our way to our next class, English. This is the only class that all the boys share with Emily.

We walk into class and take a seat at one of the long tables at the back dragging Emily with us. I sat her down next to me right before the teacher walked in and started the lesson.

"Good afternoon class, to start today off, I want you all to write something poetic. It doesn't have to rhyme but you need to be able to relate to what you are writing. At the end I will choose the best one, read it out to the class and maybe get the author to explain why they wrote about that topic and how they relate to it. You may begin."

And with that we all started writing on a spare piece of paper. 5 minutes later we were all done. We handed our writing in and spoke quietly while the teacher read them.

"Ok class, quiet down. I have chosen a piece of writing that I think is by far, the best piece of writing I have seen from a student in years. The author is Emily Spades and she wrote about masks". Masks? Believe me, I'm proud of Em's but, masks?

The teacher then began to read her poem and only then did I understand why the teacher chose hers.

"Every morning we look in the mirror and everyone will see different things. Some people see big bright smiles while someone else might see dark circles under their eyes. Someone is practically glowing with happiness while someone else is like an empty shell wanting the day to end before it even started. Someone goes to work/school with that same bright smile they had this morning whereas someone else will think, what mask should I wear today? Most people see us and will think we are happy, but those are only our masks. Masks that hide our true emotions and feelings from the world. Why do we wear masks? I wear them to protect myself, to hide my weak self. Someone once told me that I changed. But I didn't, I just changed my mask. We wear masks to make the people we care about proud. Then we make one mistake and they judge us based on that one moment in a life full of many. They tell us to be ourselves but when we are, they don't like it. So, the question is, do you want me to stop hiding behind my mask when I am hurt or sad? Do you want to see me break down? Do you want to see me when I am at my worst? Do you really want to see that side of me? I don't think so. But the next time you look at someone, remember; behind every ma

thout getting into trouble. I wish I could just fail all these students already but I have to wait till the end of the semester.)

Wow she is so oblivious to the fact that I know everything she is saying. The whole class is just looking at her with confused looks on their face while she just stands there with a smug look on her face. A look I am about to destroy.

"Sei uno stupido, i tuoi metodi di insegnamento sono orribili. Ora che sono qui tu non puoi dire quello che vuoi perché capirò ogni parola. E non ti preoccupare, non fallirai con tutti"

(You are the stupid one, your methods of teaching are horrible. Now that I'm here you can't just say whatever you want because I will understand every word. And don't worry you won't be failing everyone)

The whole class, including the teacher, looked absolutely shell shocked that I can actually speak Italian. The teacher didn't say anything else and walked back to her desk and for the rest of the lesson I just continued to sketch in my book.

After school ended, I was walking to the car park when Alex and Blake ran up to beside me. "Hey Em's" Alex cheerfully greeted me. "Can we ride back in your car; the other guys have already left without us so we either get a ride home from you or we walk. We choose you." It won't harm me to give them a lift, besides it's only an 8-minute drive.

We got in the car and drove home. On the way there, we were ALL screaming our lungs of while singing to some of our favourite songs. When we got home the Alex and Blake went and sat by Levi, Tyler, Chris and Nick on the couch while I just went to my room to have a shower.

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