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   Chapter 16 Confessions

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Blake's p.o.v

"I do. I have feelings for Emily. I know I haven't Known her for long but I am already falling for her" I confess to Alex. Even though I hate what he did to Emily, I know he is sorry. And besides, he is my best friend. Alex was too shocked to talk so I just continued talking. "I wanted to wait till all the drama and problems blow over before I asked her out. I really like her, she is a little fire cracker and I have every intention to make her mine.

But I will wait for the right time. And when she is mine, and she will be, no harm will come to her and I will give her all my love. I just hope you don't hate me now." Alex remained quit for a few more moments. And then finally, after what felt like an eternity, he spoke. And I couldn't be happier with what he said. "Ff course I don't hate you, you're my best friend. However, I am a bit upset that you didn't tell me sooner. Just promise me that you will take care of her and love her. She deserves all the love in the world"

After that we both went back to the lounge room to tell the others about our day and what we learnt about Emily. I also told them about me growing feelings for her and they were happy to finally have a 'boss lady'. Boss lady is a term for the gang leaders' partner. The Gang only calls the girl 'Boss lady' when she is excepted by the gang. I plan to make Emily my girlfriend and after that, my wife, so when my gang members meet her and except her, she will be recognized as the boss lady in my gang.


The Next Morning

Emily's p.o.v

I woke up to the sun burning my eyes and the sound of my alarm blaring in my ear. I groaned, grabbing the alarm and throwing it at the wall. I watched as it smashed it into pieces before cursing myself for it. "Shit, now I need to get a new alarm clock." I grumbled getting out of the bed and making my wa

food when they all finished and stared at my food like lions stalking their pray. I suddenly lost my appetite and pushed my plate forwards to the middle of the table, all eyes following the food. "You can eat the rest of my food I'm full" As soon as the words left my mouth, ALL of the boys dived towards the plate while screaming and yelling at each other.

I took this as my chance to leave, slowly sneaking out the kitchen, out the door, into my car and driving to school wondering who will get the food. Probably Blake. Yeah. I made it to school five minutes before the bell and decided to stop at my locker before class. I took out my class schedule and checked what books I will need for which classes

Form class: Mrs Everdeen in A3

Period One: Art with Mr Cosby in A6

Period Two: Music with Mrs Rossie in B12


Period Three: English with Mr Anderson in C2

Period Four: Science with Mr Unold in A7


Period Five: Math with Mr Hayword in C6

Period Six: languages with Mr Ray in B4

End of Day

After I got my books, the bell rang signalling the start of classes. As I made my way to class all I could think about was the feeling in my gut telling me that something was going to go terribly wrong today. I just wish I knew what.

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