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   Chapter 12 Problems with Questions

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 4984

Updated: 2019-10-01 20:09

Emily's p.o.v.

Me and the newbies: Sasha, Andrew, Maddie, Conor and Rynal arrived at the docks. We all exit the van and start making our way to our shipment when all of a sudden 7 men in black masks surround us.

Me and the others get into our fighting stance and prepare to fight. The men in masks see this and immediately come at us to strike two men stalked towards me, one from behind and the other one in front of me. Each man was armed with a knife.

Guy #1, the one in front of me and guy #2, the one behind me both charged at me at the same time. When guy #1 went to stab my face, I ducked and the knife ended up lodging into guy #2. Now I only have guy number #1 to deal with and he is unarmed considering his only weapon is now lodged in his companion's skull. I unsheathed on of my knives and threw it at guy #1, hitting my mark right between his eyes killing him instantly.

When I was done, I look around me to see that the other marked men were taken out by my "gangmebers to be". They have proved themselves today and I have decided to let them into the gang.

Just as I was about to tell them of my decision, the sound of a gunshot rung in the air. Rynal dropped to the ground holding his shoulder. I quickly saw a sniper on the roof about to make a run for it but before he could I took out one of my guns and shot him in the head.

I turned back to the group to see them helping Rynal up. "Quick get him to the van" I commanded, taking charge of the situation. We

nce to prosses what I said.

As I slammed the door to my room and locked it, I heard the thumping of their feet banging up the stairs and then banging on my door. I walked into my bathroom ignoring their commands that I need to open the door. I showered l the blood off me, got dressed and brushed my teeth. By the time I was ready for bed, the banging and noises have stopped. I guess they gave up. And with that last thought I got into bed and drifted off into the internal darkness.

Blake's p.o.v

I can't believe what just happened. After she abruptly said goodnight, Emily ran up to her room and locked us out. We all decided we would continue everything according to our plans and just try to figure her secrets out along the way because I highly doubt, she would be willing to tell us. Tomorrow me and Alex are watching her. We have all been given certain days to watch her and tomorrow it is me and Alex. I am hoping things go according to plan but I know that it is false hope.

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