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   Chapter 11 The Soul Seekers

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 6823

Updated: 2019-10-01 20:07

Emily's p.o.v

The whole day has consisted of gang meetings, training, paper work and planning. Tonight, we have a small weapon shipment coming in. Even though the shipment is carrying weapons, its value to me is almost nothing. The main reason behind this shipment is to test some of the newbies. But they don't know that.

Because there are a lot of newbies, I have decided to take a group of 6 tonight and the rest another day so I will have the chance to asses them individually and there team work when receiving the shipment and their ability to follow orders when transporting it safely back to the warehouse. Right now, I am just training since everything has already been planned out and I have a few hours to kill.

Alex's p.o.v

Sadness, confusion, anger, frustration and regret. These are all the emotions coursing through my veins at this very moment. and this time I can't just ignore or block them out. My sadness was caused by the incident involving my sister not too long ago, it hurt knowing that what she said was true. Though I must admit, I am a little confused as to where she could have gone considering she just got here and hasn't made any friends yet either.

It angers me, knowing that I am the main reason she left in the first place. I should have protected her and taken on the role of her big brother; the role I so desperately wish for now, but instead I chose the role of her bully. The fact that I don't even know where she is right now, let alone if she will come back, frustrates me. But the feeling that tops all of these other emotions, is the feeling of regret. Regret for everything I have done to her, from ignoring her to hurting her both physically and mentally. I HAD to find a way to make it up to her. I need my twin back.

I get up and off the couch I was previously sitting on and made my way to Blake's office. Right now, I am at the gang house. Our gangs name is the "Soul Seekers" and our leader just so happens to be one of my best friends, Blake. Me and Blake are closest to each ot

eutral round meaning anyone from any gang can attend the school. And for some odd reason, our house is also on neutral ground. I looked up at Blake to see his eyes softened when he saw the tears in my eyes. "Don't worry about it, but I think you are right. We need to protect her. People will target her considering she is related to you and is also living with us, the inner circle of the gang." When he said that he shocked me but I soon refocused on the topic at hand. protecting Emily. we called the boys in the room and we all came up with a plan. no matter where she goes, one of us will always be with her, with the exception of when we at the house. After we discussed the details of the plan, we set out to find my sister.

Emily's P.O.V.

It is now time to go to the docks with the newbies to collect the shipment. I change into black leggings, a black top and my leather jacket. I went to my walk-in closet that is connected to my room (the one that I have in the gang house) and opened a secret opening in the wall that revealed a key pad. I typed in the password and the farthest wall at the back behind my clothes, opened up to reveal my secret weapon room. I walked in and took some weapons of the shelf, hiding them somewhere on my body. I walked out of the house with the others following close behind and into the black van waiting for us.

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