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   Chapter 10 Anger and Regret

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 5610

Updated: 2019-10-01 20:05

Emily's p.o.v.

After driving around for 20 minutes I finally found a gym. Even though its only Tuesday, I already feel like I need to blow something up. Maybe I will take some bombs and some gang members to our enemy gangs' warehouse, shoot everyone in there, take their stuff, leave and blow it up while driving away. And maybe take a cool selfie with the explosion in the background to send to my friends. Yeah.

Right now, I am walking through the front doors of the gym looking around. They have weights in one corner, the treadmills, bench press and other equipment like that on the other side of the gym, some boxing bags up the back and sparring mats in the middle.

I walked up to the front desk where a buff looking guy was talking to someone exiting the gym. When they were done, I walked up to the guy who was now staring at me with shock in his eyes. "Hey sweetheart, the hairdressers are another block down." He casually said before I could even say anything. Sexist pig. "It's a good thing I was looking for a gym then or else I'd be lost." I replied, already agitated. "You?" Not wanting to continue this conversation with this arrogant ass, I decided to just end it now. "Yes me, you got a problem with that." The anger in my voice was clear as day. He just chuckled slightly and gave me the forms to sign up.

After I signed up the guy, who's name I now know is joey, gave me directions to the girls change room. unfortunately, this gym only had a few other female members. I wonder why. **Cough** Sexist assholes **Cough** Not that I will be coming back after tonight. My house and the gang house/ warehouse will have a gym that I can use instead of the p

e it after my workout yesterday.

After finishing my breakfast, I turned back around to look at the guys, who still haven't said anything. Alex looked like he was about to say something but I interrupted him.

"Don't. I don't need you to ruin yet another one of my mornings like you and everyone else did every single morning I spent here." "Em, I'm sorry" as soon as my old nickname left his mouth, I felt like murdering someone, more specifically everyone in this room. "DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT. YOU LOST THE RIGHT TO CALL ME THAT A LONG TIME AGO." A look of hurt and regret covered his features but I couldn't care less. With that, I stormed out of the house slamming the door once again. I decided to skip school so I could go to the warehouse and organise who is going to collect the shipments, explain to them when to get it, where to get it and how to bring it back safely making sure none of our enemy gangs gets in the way. I also need to look over the files of the new recruits and decide which gangs I want to ally with and who's warehouse we are going to blow up. This should be an interesting day.

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