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   Chapter 9 Pranks and Punches

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 6185

Updated: 2019-10-01 20:04

Alex's p.o.v

After we finished dinner, me and the guys stayed up late waiting for Emily to come home. Mum and dad went to bed because like usual they are leaving for yet another two-month business trip early in the morning.

Eventually, we all just fell asleep and when we woke up Emily still wasn't home. I just hope she comes to school today. Right now, I am in my morning gym class and Emily is yet to show up. I can't believe she is back, but now that she is, I am more than determined to earn her forgiveness.

I can't believe what a horrible brother I was to her. I was supposed to protect her from harm, yet I was the one who harmed her in the first place. And as a result of my stupidity, she ran away.

I looked around the room and saw that me and my friends were the only ones still in the gym. I checked the time only to realise that gym ended 10 minutes ago. At least the locker rooms and showers will be empty.

Silently we all head to the locker rooms to take a shower.

Emily p.o.v.

After all the boys exited the locker rooms and Alex, Blake, Levi, Tyler, Chris and Nick went into the locker rooms to shower, me and Dylan went in and took all their clothes, replacing it with men sized unicorn pyjamas. And ran out of there.

Once we got out, we high fived each other. "Yes, first step done." Once we heard the yelling from the boys, we waited a minute before pulling the lever that sets off the fire alarm. Alarms were blaring and kids were running towards the oval, but all I could focus on is the 6 boys running towards the oval in unicorn pyjamas

Me and Dylan just walked to the oval and when we got there the boys were livid, looking around as if trying to find something. Or someone, most likely me. Suddenly I was pulled out of my thoughts by someone yelling "there she is" I looked up to see the boys navigating

d with anger.

"Well if they won't tell you I will. Every day since high school started up until two years ago when I left, my brother, and all his friends, didn't just bully me. They tortured me every day and made my life as miserable as possible. And when people saw they were bullying me, everyone else joined in. And it's not like I could've found any comfort from my parents, they knew about the bullying but they couldn't give a flying fuck because Alex had always been their favourite. So, go ahead and tell me again that they don't deserve this. I had to deal with their verbal and PHYSICAL bullying for far too long. But what hurt me the most was the first time my BROTHER laid a hand on me, and it's sad to think that after that, it became a normal routine for me. Wake up, go to school, get bullied, go home, get bullied, go to sleep and repeat. If anything, they deserve worse for the torture they put me through, and I plan on giving them just that. You were just unlucky enough to get caught in the crossfire."

And with that, I stormed out the house, slamming the door on the way out. I was way too angry and need to find a gym where I could vent my anger on a punching bag. So, with that, I set off to find a gym.

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