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   Chapter 6 Guess Who's Back

IM BACK BITCHES By Makylaalykam Characters: 5669

Updated: 2019-10-01 19:57

Emily's p.o.v.

After I got off the plane and got my bags, I went to pick up my matt black Lamborghini. My other cars and bikes were going to be shipped here on Saturday as soon as I find a place to live for me and my friends. Until then I am going to be living with my family.

I get into my car drive to my old school, which I also have to attend. Yay, this is going to be fantastic. (note the sarcasm). At least it is my last year of high school, then I don't have to deal with any more snobby teachers or students.

With that thought, I saw the gates of the school up ahead. This is it, time to give them one hell of a show and let them know that Emily Spades is back and she's more badass than ever.

I pull into the gates, riving my engine, gaining everyone's attention. I decided to be a little dramatic today and get out of the car like people in the movies. I slowly open the door putting one foot out than the other and standing up.

As I close the door, I hear comments like "another slut" and "I'd tap that" I even heard some of the jocks make a bet on me, whoever gets into my pants first wins $50. Ha, jokes on them. They probably won't even touch me without me breaking their arm.

I brush off the rest of the comments and make my way to the front office to get my schedule and locker number. As I'm walking someone steps in front of me blocking my way. I look up and see my brother staring down at me. Ugh, what does he want? "Hey baby, my name is Alexander but you can call me any time." seriously, is that the best pick-up line he can come up with?

"Not interested" I replied, hoping that he would take my very obvious hint that I'm not interested. But of course, I'm

tinued to look around.

Emily's p.o.v.

As I am scanning the room the teacher clears his throat, trying to gain my attention. "why are you late" he all but demands in his scratchy voice. "I'm new here" I simply replied in a monotone voice, even though that's not true. I'm not new here I just returned. "don't let it happen again, now please introduce yourself to the class." this should be fun.

I got out my phone and pressed record getting confused looks from the class. "hello, to be honest, I lied earlier. I am actually not new here I just returned from Italy. Most of you know me as Emily, Emily Spades." The whole class gasped and every one was in pure shock. And I got it all on video. That is definitely going to be my new lock screen photo. As I looked around the room, I saw that only one face still held confusion, I didn't recognise him so he must have come to this school after I left.

After the teacher recovered from the shock, he asked me to take a seat which I was happy to do until I saw where it was. It was next to...

Some random nerd. Lol did you think it was next to my brother or something? 😏

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