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   Chapter 4 The News

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Updated: 2019-10-01 19:53

2 years later

Emily's p.o.v.

It's been two years. Two years since I left my old life behind. And I couldn't be happier. When I left, I changed my style, attitude and lost a lot of weight, gaining muscle in its place. I have made some really good friends, who I now consider family.

I learnt how to handle many different weapons and I am a master in many martial arts. When I was first introduced to the gang the leader, William, at my initiation into the gang, he took an interest in me. He decided to take my troop out for our initiation trails, but something went wrong. We were attacked and long story short, I saved his life, almost loosing me life in the process. He trained me so that I could be the best and one day take over the gang for him so that he can retire. In fact, he paid some of the best martial arts masters from around the world to come and train me. And now, I am one of the best street fighter/street racers in the world.

A couple weeks ago William stepped down and made me the new leader of the 'king cobras'. Leading the gang is a huge responsibility, but I am glad to have such a responsibility.

My gang consists of over 50, 000 people and is growing every day. They are spread out across the world and live in our other bases.

So, as you can see, I love my life.

*rrriiinnnggg. rrriiinnnggg*

"Hello" I answered the phone, not bothering to check the ID.

"Em, you need to get to the warehouse. Now." Williams' voice came out rushed, concern and anger lacing his voice.

"Ok, I'm on my way now" with that I hung up and ran out of my house, getting into my black Ferrari 458, and speeding to the warehouse. William might have stepped down and made me the leader but he hasn't retired and is still helping me out with the gang.

~~~~~At the Warehouse~~~~~

I walked in to see Will nervously pacing around the office, mumbling incoherent things under his breath.


wrong?" Wills head shoots up at the sound of my voice, and a look of relief washes over his face.

"What's wrong?" I repeat, this time with a hint of irritation in my voice. Will's icy blue eyes staring was into my stormy grey ones, I can see he is debating on whether or not he should tell me what he called me here for. He did not answer.

"Tell. Me. What. Is. Wrong."

He could see I was getting angry now so he finally spoke up, and when he did, I felt my heart skip a beat.

"Someone put a bounty on your head"

I was completely and utterly shocked. How else was I supposed to react?

"What? " I asked hoping I didn't hear him correctly.

"Someone has put a bounty of $1, 000, 000 on your head, and until we know who wants you dead, we can't remove it." he pauses and deeply inhales, as if the next thing he was going to say was worse than the first.

"And until we remove it you need to lay low. I'm sending you and your friends to your hometown back in London." yep, definitely worse.

"When do I leave, " My voice was cold, hard and void of any emotions.

"Tomorrow" It felt as if all the air had been squeezed out of my lungs but I managed to keep up my emotionless façade. Even though William is like a father to me, I barley let anyone see me break down or in a vulnerable position, Even my best friends. And I have every intention to keep it that way.

"Ok, I better go pack" and with that said I left. There was no point in arguing and even though I hate to admit it, William made the right decision. I mean, who would think to look for me in a place that once brought me unbearable pain.

On the way home, my mind was infected with thoughts of my past. If I have to go back to that place then I am going to bring hell with me, and I plan to unleash it upon all those who wronged me in the past.

"Look out Ridgemont high, karmas coming and I plan to serve it to you cold. Ice cold."

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