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   Chapter 3 What Have I Done

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Alex's p.o.v

***The day Emily left New York***

The bell to signal the end of class finally ended and after talking to some of my friends, I got into my car and started driving home. Earlier, when Emily ran out of the cafeteria, she was so caught up in her tears that she forgot to take her bag with her. After searching through it and taking her homework, I decided that I would bring it home with me and give it to her, as I kind of felt bad for making her cry again. But only a bit, besides, it's her own fault she gets picked on anyway. She just makes it so easy.

I pulled into the drive way and parked the car before entering the silent house. I left Emily's bag in front of the door, on the floor before going to my room. 3 hours later, I pause my video game and head down to the kitchen. It's just after 7:00pm and Emily is normally cooking diner around this time, but when I round the corner, Emily is nowhere to be seen. Slightly annoyed, I walk up to her room to end the pity party she is most likely having and get her lazy ass downstairs to make diner.

I slam her door open to scare her, expecting her to be curled up on her bed, balling her eyes out. But instead, the room was empty and the only thing on her still made bed was a neatly folded up note.

I sat down on the bed and unfolded the note. As I was reading the note, tears started welling up in my eyes and it feels like I had just been slapped in the face and given a rude awakening to the dream I thought I was living up until now.

Dear Alex, I know you will find this first because our parents don't get back from Ohio for another 3 weeks. You don't need to call the cops, I haven't been kidnapped, I have just done what everyone told me to do. I left. I guess you got what you wanted, but that shouldn't be new to you considering you always get what you want. Always.

With much hate, Emily

It's my fault she is gone. I have been the worst brother ever and because of it, I've lost my sister. What have I done?

***Present time (3 months later)***

It's been three months since Emily ran away. After I read the note, I immediately called the police and told them what happened

but instead of sending out a search party like I thought they would, they said that we should wait a week before sending out a search party. And when I asked them why the hell they were going to wait a week instead of just sending out a search party now, they said it was because most teenage run-aways returned within a week after realising that they either had nowhere to go, or, their reason for running away was stupid. I know that Emily had a valid reason for running away and that she is smart enough to find some place to go even though she didn't have access to the family credit card like I did.

After a week when she still didn't come home, the police started their search and have found no leads. The only thing they had was the location she was last seen. And when I found out where, I almost broke down crying right then and there. The park we used to go to when we were little. But I held it in until I was all alone in my room, where I normally release my bottled-up emotions.

The sound of the door bell ringing snapped me out of my thoughts and I dragged me moping ass off the couch to answer the door. Opening the door, I come face to face with two police officers with grim, sympathetic expressions on their faces. Knowing that they don't have any good news based on their expressions, I prepare myself for what they were about to tell me.

"Mr Spades?" One of the officers questioned. "That's me" I replied with a small nod. "Do you have any news about my sister?" I asked, still slightly hopeful despite the feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach. "Were sorry sir, but, no new leads regarding your sisters' location have been found. Unfortunately, because of this reason, we are concluding our search for your sister. We hope that she will come back to you some day but there is nothing else we can do. We are truly sorry" Their words brought tears to my eyes. How could they give up on Emily? It is their job to help people and yet, they have failed. Not able to hold back the tears anymore, I slam the door shut and break down into tears, praying for Emily to come back. To at least know where she is.

Even though the police have stopped looking, doesn't mean I have. And I never will. Not until she is found and in my arms.

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