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   Chapter 75 Ch ten(1)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 5376

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Shilla sat in Lucy's carriage calmly. For some reason, she felt no anxiety. Going to the palace in the life of a maid, is a big deal; more important than one's wedding day. She understood that she should feel excited, but she felt no such joy. She noticed the guards did not stop her carriage at all. It seems all knew that one ought not to stop Lady Wickshire's carriage. She guessed that they assumed it was the lady herself, that was sitting in the carriage.

All, except the royal family, usually had to stop at the palace gates and walk in; but she was not stopped. It was a smooth journey. The carriage stopped, yet she made no attempt to come out. The carriage driver rushed over to open her door and she descended to the ground.

Maybe because this was the palace, even the sand beneath her feet seemed to look like gold. But this made no change to her expression. She understood there was no luxury that could compare to the luxury of walking by her lady's side.

The palace head-maid and servants waited by the entrance to welcome her. They had complicated looks when they realised this was not Lady Wickshire, but kept silent. It seemed His Majesty was informed it was not the lady that was coming, but a representative; given that he always came himself to welcome her. Shilla flashed Lady Wickshire's token and they bowed after a moment of hesitation. She acted as though she did not see them hesitate and turned to the head-maid.

"How is His Majesty?" she said and the maid froze.

How were they supposed to answer that? The maid smiled stiffly and glanced at her entourage.

"His majes

loyal to His Majesty, so she was a good option to take care of her, after she was retrieved from the king of Northern Lan. Take your time and go see her." Shilla said and Lady Raine bowed. She was grateful, but she understood, Lady Wickshire must have had her reasons for helping her out. The lady not only helped her, but sent a trusted person to inform her of it. Though Shilla finished talking and turned to leave, Lady Raine still stopped her.

"I will repay this kindness... But I'm not sure what I could possibly do for the lady." she said and Shilla paused at the door.

"Why do you think so?" she asked.

"The lady seems capable, why would she help me besides that?" Lady Raine asked.

"If my lady wished your help, would you say no?" Shilla asked curiously.

"It depended... Offending Her Ladyship is not something we wish to do."

"This was not a favour, this is a trade. When time comes for you to pay your debt, you must do well." Shilla said and left. Lady Raine turned to her maid after Shilla left.

"Get me a carriage! Fast!" she instructed.

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