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   Chapter 74 Ch nine(10)

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Lucy enjoyed a cup of tea while she awaited Shilla return. She had not received information from the lords and Walter about the success of their mission. She ignored her maid, Mrs. Muburg, who stood aside and made no sound. The door opened and Shilla entered. She bowed to Lucy and glanced at Mrs. Muburg standing on the side.

"Ignore her. She does not want to become like Taylor." Lucy told Shilla. Shilla could see the elderly maid made no attempt to dispute the lady and she harrumphed.

Taylor's disappearance over night and the letter claiming she had quit her job to stay home was suspicious. It was so badly written and the lie was not even fully thought through. This elderly woman knows to keep her mouth shut.

"The capital is under curfew, but I was still able to meet with him. He said the king of Northern Lan is so agitated, he sent superior martial artists to block any mysterious high grade martial artist from entering the capital. He said the blood knights were personally handling this." Shilla said.

"Blood Knights... They should do. They may not be capable of stopping that man, but he is already travelling injured. They should be capable of holding him off for a while." Lucy said. Shilla did not know who the lady

y." Shilla nodded.

"Do you know why I have you well dressed for this? You are not only going as a messenger, you are also going as my representative. What you say there is what I mean to say." Lucy said and Shilla stiffened. Talking for the lady, that is too much pressure; what if she makes a mistake?

"Then I will take responsibility." Lucy said as if reading her mind and Shilla stared. "Say as you please, I will take responsibility." Lucy said and Shilla felt more pressure, instead of feeling relieved. This task, she must not fail.

"Do you understand now, Shilla? That dress is me saying to you to keep your head high. I have never bowed before to anyone. You must make sure they understand, when they see you, they see me." Lucy said and Shilla nodded. Taking in a deep breath, her eyes hardening with determination.

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