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   Chapter 73 Ch nine(9)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 2997

Updated: 2019-11-17 04:16

By the time Walter had had breakfast and come down to meet the lords in the study, he was sure the entire household knew Lady Steinhouse was in his room last night. From the servant that had come with the water for his bath, to the one who delivered his breakfast, all gave him knowing looks.

He sighed as he descended the stairs and made his way towards her study. The lords were already inside and went silent as he enter. Looking at their faces, Walter sighed inwardly.

"Not you two as well." he said and the lords smirked.

"As well? I guess by the way she ran out of your room this morning, the entire house knows you slept with her." Lord of Merve said as he sipped his cup of tea.

"Define sleep." Walter said as he took a seat.

"I saw when she entered your room last night." Lord Morge answered.

"I saw when she left this morning." Lord of Merve continued.

"Then the fact

We're just going to have to wait till things calm down before we can move her safely." Lord Morge answered.

"What are the odds the prince gets attacked the same day we take her?" Walter said.

"I know what you mean. Lady Wickshire had said the woman lying up there is the Teel family head. She said the next queen is her daughter." Lord Morge thought it suspicious too.

"We have no idea when the lady intends for us to return her to her daughter, if she even intends to have her returned." Walter said thoughtfully.

"We'll wait. I'm sure we will be informed soon." Lord of Merve said.

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