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   Chapter 72 Ch nine(8)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4259

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Walter woke to soft daylight. He looked beside him to find a naked Lady Steinhouse resting on his chest and sighed. Why did she sleep here? He wondered. He wanted to wake her to leave, but loved the look of her peaceful face. He hesitated, before shaking her to wake. He knew that no matter how much he loved this picture, it was a deadly one.

"Helen." he called slowly and she slowly woke. She looked up at him with groggy eyes.

"Walter?" she asked in confusion.

"You need to leave. Do you want people seeing you come out of my room?" he asked and she sat up on her knees before him; her eyes still tired and lazy, her mind still half in sleep and her breasts bouncing like two glorious globes on her chest. Walter's eyes shrunk as he felt himself harden.

Lady Steinhouse's eyes cleared as her gaze focused on Walter who could not look away from her chest. She noticed his stare and turned red.

"Why are you staring?" she said indignantly, but did not make an attempt to cover herself.

"You need to leave." Walter tried to think straight.

"This is my home, I don't care." she said and Walter frowned.

"But I do. Dress up or else...." Walter warned. This woman was getting on his nerves.

"Or else what?" she smirked. To her, there was nothing W

ve!" Lady Steinhouse ordered in anger. Lizzy curtsied before leaving in haste.

Left alone in her room, Lady Steinhouse collapsed on her bed. She wanted to scream. She could not believe she would be as embarrassed as this morning. Everyone in the household now knew she had slept in Walter's room. He was the only one they did not know, so he was the obvious option as to the person she spent the night with. Lord of Merve had seen her come out of Walter's room. These caused her frustration, yet she found herself more worried why Walter had not taken her virginity. Did he not like her? She wondered.

She took off his coat and her dress and entered the wooded tub filled with warm water. Laying inside, she remembered how his hands had moved on her body. Soon, she was touching all those places, closing her eyes as she relived the pleasure.

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