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   Chapter 71 Ch nine(7)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4485

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Lady Raine could not sleep all night. She sat and waited for news the entire night. The king had tried to calm her down but she wanted none of it. She left him in bed and returned to her chambers to continue waiting. Soon, shadows arrived before before her. Looking at their sullen faces, she felt the need to scream.

"What happened?" she asked in a dangerously low tone.

"We found the king, but no Lady Teel. There were a lot of women with her dimensions, dressed all the same, in the building; but none was Lady Teel." the man in charge addressed her. Lady Raine flung out her hand in anger and cleared a nearby table onto the floor, sounds of her angry scream following the crash. The crash was sharp to the ears of the men garbed in black.

The feeling of her disappointment seeded in their minds. They had one task, the most important for a long time, and they failed.

"Tell me, does that king know you were there?" Lady Raine asked.

"No. He was in outraged by the time we arrived; throwing fits and killing guards." Ria answered.

"Outraged?" Lady Raine asked.

"There is still hope, my lady. That man was angry because a maid escaped with one of the women he had there." Ria answered.

"How angry?" she asked curiously.

"He kept throwing orders. He sent men to carry out a blockade hundred kilometres from the

e must use unhanded means. This is for us!" Lady Raine explained.

"What are the possibilities of her being in the noble houses?" the king asked. He had already killed off many of his officials without a trial; he could not raid the noble houses. It was not possible. There had to be a way around it.

"As a maid probably. What are the odds of the noble houses accepting a maid tonight?" Lady Raine asked.

"Low. Almost impossible. The noble houses are cautious about such things. Even if possible, they don't hold maids in high regard. You could have them surrender all of them for checking. I can declare the person you want to find guilty of crimes and ask the noble houses to cooperate. As for the other citizens, you can search the entire capital. I may not be able to close down the capital for long. One day is all I can give you. Everyone stays home tomorrow." the king promised.

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