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   Chapter 69 Ch nine(5)- warning sexual content

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 6207

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The night had returned calm. Lord Morge appeared out side his door to call for water, but paused. He saw Lady Steinhouse entering Walter's room with a tray of food. He had been served by a maid, but lady seems to want to deliver Walter's food herself. Lord Morge saw that she had on a thin silky night dress and a shawl over her shoulders; a scandalous outfit not meant to be seen by others, and returned inside with his head bowed.

Lady Steinhouse entered Walter's room and placed the tray of food on the night stand by the bed, before calling to Walter who was already lying down half asleep.

"Walter, come eat." she said softly. Walter sat up for a moment to clear his head before he realised that who was standing before him.

"Are you not hungry?" she asked, when she realised he had not moved for a while and was staring at her.

"What are you doing?" Walter asked dangerously.

"Why are you angry, I only wanted to bring you food." she felt wronged. She took her time to dress up and come to him and he was angry?

"Did you come to give me food or yourself?" Walter asked and she turned red.

"What are you talking about?" she asked in feigned anger.

"You arrive dressed like that asking me to come eat. Tell me, what are you hoping I will be eating tonight? You or the food?" Walter asked.

"I.. I just brought you food. Don't go thinking nonsense." she said, glad the room was only sightly lit or else he would have seen her turn red.

Walter suddenly felt a need to tease her, "Come, then." he said.

"What?" her eyes grew wide.

"Didn't you want to feed me? Come." Walter said. Lady Steinhouse was sure she had never said that, but she could not seem to think straight. She sat on the bed and picked up a pastry and tried feeding it to Walter.

"You really are asking for it, aren't you?" Walter frowned. He only meant to

trousers and felt hot between her legs.

To Walter, she saw no Princess; she was a perfect female specimen. He joined her in bed, allowing his free hand to roam her smooth skin, while the other gently stroke his manhood hard under his trousers. Soon, he settled above her. He watched her pleasure filled face as he stroke and pinched her nipples. Lowering his head, he sucked and bit them sending her into a spasm of pleasure. He was slow and took his time. But she wanted him to move faster.

His hands found it's way between her legs. She shivered at his touch and closed her legs tighter.

"Open it." he instructed and as if under a spell, she spread her legs.

Walter stroke her core between her thighs and she moan out loud. That sound took him to a different stage of heaven. Increasing the pressure with his thumb, his finger slipped inside her.

Lady Steinhouse felt things she never thought possible. His hands moved expertly in her, she soon followed the rhythm. She had lost her mind. Grabbing onto his shoulders she moved her hips in urgency.

Walter slipped in another finger and increased the pace of his motion. Lady Steinhouse was now in ecstasy. She gripped onto the bedsheets as she felt a spasm of orgasm.

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