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   Chapter 68 Ch nine(4)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4754

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"Who...?" the guard started to say loudly. Walter clasped his mouth shut before pushing the guard in and closing the door. As they entered, the guard collapsed to the floor and the others stood on alert, brandishing their weapon at Walter.

"Halt! How dare you barge into this residence? Do you wish to die?!" the all seemed to want to tear Walter apart.

"Inform Lady Steinhouse that Walter's here to see her." he said. The guards seemed angrier at his words.

"At this time of the night? Leave! The Lady has better things to do!" the guards blocked.

"Tell her to come. You better do as told, imagine how this would end for you if you do not verify my words." Walter said. One of the guards rushed away to inform his superior. In less than a minute, his superior arrived with more guards. But Walter had seen this man before, and the man; Walter.

"Why have you come?" the superior asked, but he was a lot more respectful.

"This is not a social call. Tell her to come." Walter said and the superior nodded and sent someone to deliver the message in haste. The guards did not put down their weapons and their superior did not ask them too. Walter smiled at his actions. It seemed the superior did not think well of him. Some minutes Later, a heavily coated Lady Steinhouse was rushing his way. He frowned at her haste. Even though he had asked her to hurry, he did not really expect her to? Has this woman forgot

y now. Don't worry, it's near the package you refuse to tell me about." she said.

"Don't worry too much about the woman. She is of importance to your uncle's wife-to-be." Lord Morge said.

"Really?" Lady Steinhouse asked in confusion. She was yet to meet her uncle's intended, so she let the thought slide. She was not told who she was, except that she was Lady Raine. Even though, why would Lady Wickshire help her out?

"You think too much." Walter finally spoke. She looked up and found he was staring at her, and turned red. She knew he saw her trying to piece together their motive. She seemed flustered at his stare and immediately got up.

"The maids will show you to your rooms." she said, then left quickly. Walter sighed. Couldn't she be more subtle with her attitude, the lords were going to think something was happening?

The lords only glanced at each other for a brief second. Neither knowing what the other was thinking?

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