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   Chapter 67 Ch nine(3)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4860

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"Why do we still have to clean all of them? If the king wanted to keep these many women unconscious, he should have brought in more maids." one of the women grumbled. The room was suddenly lit, but the three intruders were out of sight.

The silent maid saw a shadow by the door, and immediately turned to the other;

"Go handle the other, I will handle this woman. When I'm done, I'll join you." she said.

"Are you sure?" the other said and she nodded.

"Okay. Be sure to come fast." the other said then left.

"Sirs, I'm going to close the door now. You can come out." the maid the moment her companion left and pushed the door close to reveal Walter

"You must be the maid he was talking about." Walter said did not hesitate to place knife to her throat.

"You are here for the lady, right? You did not come alone did you?" the maid asked.

"What is your name?" Walter asked.

"Lisa. The lady said some people will be coming for her one day. You are them, right?" maid answered.

"Yes." Walter answered.

"This is not the lady. No body knows who the real lady is but the king. But he does not know that I do." she said. Only then did Lord Morge and Lord of Merve come out from their place of hiding. The girl remained stiff, staring at Walter's knife on her throat, till he put it down.

"How do you know?" Lord of Merve asked.

"The lady wakes up from time to time. No one but me knows that. I'm not sure why, but the poison in

ill a chance to escape, we must take it." Lord of Merve said.

"What about Lady Steinhouse? Her mansion is on this lane." Lord Morge suggested.

"She after all, already knows about us." Lord of Merve nodded in agreement.

Only Walter thought this was a little fishy. Why were their pursuers not high ranked martial artists? If the king of Northern Lan had truly discovered that the lady was missing, wouldn't he go all out? Why were they here of all places? Lady Steinhouse; was it because he was not truly eager to see her that caused his suspicions?

"Walter, get her to clear the way for us to enter. No one should be present. The last thing we need is the maids gossiping about it by morning." Lord Morge said.

Walter sighed. Why was he the one going? They were the ones who had grown up with the lady, why must it be him who goes? Swallowing his confusion, Walter approached the Steinhouse mansion. He knocked on the side entrance and a guard appeared.

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