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   Chapter 66 Ch nine(2)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3980

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Walter and the two lords were garbed in black. They looked like thieves as they made sure to cover their half their faces with black scarves.

They stood in the upper town by an alley, waiting for night to thicken; the regular windy quarter night's strong cold winds, sweeping by them.

"We don't know how many guards are inside; this could end badly." Walter frowned. The two lords sighed at his words. They were prepared for the worst.

"Let's go." Lord Morge said and they climbed through the window, into the building. The room was lit brightly by a lantern. Walter put it off and they left the door open. Their plan was simple; they needed a guide. With these guards, they could not walk around blind. Soon, a figure approached the door, only to be dragged in.

The guard had his hands and legs tied, as well as his mouth clasped shut by a hand.

"Where is the lady kept?" Lord of Merve asked but the guard smirked.

"You will die. Whether in the hands of your king or in ours, you will die. How you die, you can get to choose. Whether you tell us or not, this will not end well for you. Telling us, we will allow you decide how you die." Walter said and the man's eyes

et here if you let me escape from here." the man said but Walter had other plans.

"The red door, what location is the window to that room?" Walter asked.

"On this side of the building. Just above this room, is the lady's room." the guard said. Lord Morge knocked unconscious when the man and tied him to a chair before the two Lords and Walter climbed out. Taking their time, they quietly opened the window above the room and slid in one by one, while helping each other out.

They moved quietly to the bed to find a woman unconscious in it. Their information was that she would be unconscious. None of them had seen her before, so they were not sure if this was truly her. Noise from the door told them people were coming. They quickly hid before the door open, letting in two women.

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