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   Chapter 65 Ch nine(1)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4973

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The night was cold and the winds blew wildly; a testament of the windy quarter. The winds would carry in the cold from the other-side soon, ushering in the white cold. Still, Shilla moved around swiftly, her dress flapping in the wind as she moved. The school grounds was silent, as the night was deep and all were under heavy covers. She moved through the east garden, then through the untamed woods behind the school, before reaching a small gate. Taking out keys from her skirt, she opened the gates and raised the lantern in her hand and waved. Soon, a man in black emerged from outside and entered through the gate into the school grounds. Shilla closed the gate behind him and led him back the way she came. They walked silently, till they came by a patch of grass, a mall clearing under hooded trees. There, Lucy waited with a lantern in hand. The man only saw her white hair under the moonlight and knew who it was. He arrived before her and bowed.

"My lady" he said in greeting.

"How was it? You said the spy north sent a message?" Lucy asked.

"The house of bloom was up in flames. By the time the message reached us, it should have happened two days ago." the man answered.

"The opal vein changing hands is enough to know that they are moving. But their destination and where they were, was unknown. With this message, I know they are coming here. Predictable." Lucy said, her eyes glittering in the moon light.

"Who? My lady, I understand watching the opal vein, but

was rather odd, but she had never imagined this odd.

When she heard her tell the City Lord take the girl hiding in the corner, she knew they referred to her.

Before she could run, she found herself lifted off the ground and a hand clamped over her mouth, preventing her from screaming. This was bad; with what she had heard, they will kill her. She looked up at Lady Wickshire with pleading eyes. Either the lady did not see her eyes in the darkness, or she didn't care.

"What do I do with her?" City Lord Gunter asked.

"Do what you will." Lucy said and the city lord knifed behind her neck with his palm, rendering her unconscious. He then threw her over his shoulder and left. Shilla followed behind him and locked the gate behind them, then returned to Lucy's side.

"Have a letter placed under her pillow. Make it out that she wished to quit her job. It must not be convincing; it should not be. That should warn that woman." Lucy said and Shilla nodded.

"Yes, my lady."

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