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   Chapter 64 Ch eight(12)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4099

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"True, Walter. You must not make that decision alone." A familiar voice said making them all turn.

Walter and his family turned to see Lord of Merve and Lord Morge walk in. It could be seen that they had heard some of their conversation. Walter's mother turned red in embarrassment and was a bit scared that she had gotten Walter into trouble.

"You must be in a hurry, that could not wait to be announced." Walter said blankly.

"I'm serious, Walter. When it comes to marriage, you must not marry just anyone. If Mrs. Krain is still worried about this, I can guarantee, none of your children will marry out of nobility." Lord Morge assured Walter's mother, whose eyes shined at those words. Doesn't that mean things were going to work out well?

Walter frown. The serious look on Lord Morge's face made him wonder if he knew something. Lord of Merve sighed. If it was anyone, it would have been okay; but Lady Wickshire had plans to marry Walter to Lady Steinhouse. Why she wanted this, they could not understand. But the knew one thing; the lady was serious about it.

Walter left without finishing his food, to his study with the two lords in tow.

"Did something happen?" Walter asked.

"We have instructions. W


"My lady, people have been probing into the palace, sending in new maids and guards to mix with the old. They think we do not know they are trying to get information on you." Ria said.

"They don't know who they are looking for at the moment. Have all the spies killed off tonight. I don't want anyone of them seeing the prince." Lady Raine instructed.

"His Majesty knows you are keeping Prince Thelmus on house arrest but is doing nothing. Do you think that boy is really his son?" Ria asked. She had always been wary of this king. He did nothing even though his son was treated this way. Though they had made sure not to harm him or mistreat him, he is still unable to move around.

"I did ask him once. Why he totally ignores the boy, I don't know." Lady Raine answered, then left the way she came.

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