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   Chapter 63 Ch eight (11)

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A girl was led into the sitting room which had descended into silence. Mrs. Fionette called the girl forward as she took a seat for the first time since she had come home. The entire Fionette family stared at this little servant and the little girl shrunk back. She looked to the maid who had brought her for comfort, but the maid had already left the room; her eyes only landed upon the closed door.

"You work at the Krain household, correct?" Mrs. Fionette asked.

"Yes Ma." the girl answered.

"Tell me, have you ever seen noblemen at their house and how frequent?" Mr. Fionette asked.

"Yes Ser, I have. Lord Morge and Lord o' Merve be come a lot." the girl answered, to the excitement of Mr. Fionette who sat up with a smile.

"Tell me, what do they come to do?" he asked.

"No one really know, Ser. When young master be working or be talking with his guests, no one be allowed near." the girl answered.

"So, they are his guest? They are Walter's guests?" Lana asked with shinning eyes.

"Yes, Miss. They be come for young master." the girl answered.

"Tell me about your young master, I will add more money to your reward." Mr. Fionette asked.

"The young master be the true lord of the estate. No one be know why, but every body, even master be listen to him words. The young master's room is out of bounds. Mistress be clean it

ur sister from marrying too." his father said.

"Does it affect who your sister marries?" she asked.

"It affects who any one of you decides to bring into this family. You forget, Amie can no more marry some farm boy from a village, she has to marry well. If she marries someone who is basically an enemy or opposition to my work or my employer, you are sending Amie there to be maltreated. Have you forgotten so soon, mother? You, yourself were raised nobility. You must only marry those who serve your interest. This is how the higher society works. Our entire lives now circles around my work. We must only do things that aid it." Walter said and his mother lowered her head.

He was right. Had she forgotten so soon? Walter must be the one to find a husband for his sister. One that will solidify their position. One that will be of help to them in the long run.

"I understand." she said.

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