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   Chapter 62 Ch eight(10)

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By the entrance to the other room, stood two figures in the dark. They watched Shilla explain herself, in silence.

"Do you think she is lying, Wensworth?" the headmistress asked.

"Does it matter? You seem not to have learnt any thing." Wensworth seemed annoyed he was called all the way here just to watch some maids fight about who gets more attention from their lady.

"Do you expect me to just let that little thing go?" the headmistress asked.

"Do you think you still have the support of the queen? Be careful, you may just end up like her." Wensworth warned.

"Are you saying she caused that?" the headmistress snorted.

"This is why you have always been on the loosing end of society. You think you know too much when you know nothing." Wensworth said.

"You...." the headmistress started to say.

"Noble society, those high and mighty men you can not sit beside and talk to as equals, they all fear her. Do you know why? Because this has happened before; people oppose the lady and end up like the queen; and each time, those with their nose in the clouds like you, were totally eliminated. Do what ever you wish to do, but do not call me into it any more. Since you wish to fall, do so alone." Wensworth said and left. The headmistress felt no fear; she sneered at Wensworth's leaving back.


Night had descended before Mrs. Fionette returned home. She had asked her daughter, Lana to return before her, while she ran some errands. She returned home to her husband waiting for her in the sitting room. She looked around and found her entire family was there; her son seemed in thought while her daughter was brooding.

"What is happening? Why

e." Lana explained with a frown. With the look on her face, one could see she did not think well of this woman.

"A woman? He sure has means." Gerald's eyes shrunk as he nodded in admiration.

"Madame D'huile?" Mrs. Fionette was stiff. Her husband saw the look in her eyes and frowned. This was one of the things his wife always wanted. How could he not understand what it took to get a token there, when his wife has been saving her entire life for it.

"That's a lot of money." Mr. Fionette frowned.

"You could always compete with her." Gerald mocked his sister, who's eyes were filled with anger.

"No. I can't compete. She is very beautiful. She referred to herself as a princess. With the look on Walter's face, she really was." Lana answered, her face turning gloomy.

"A princess?" Mrs Fionette frowned.

"That's why I can't compete with anything like beauty and all that, but we will pass through his family. Even if she is a princess, she must be very hard to keep. She would be very hard to marry, as Walter has not a title. So, I still have a chance." Lana said and a knock came from the door.

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