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   Chapter 61 Ch eight(9)

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It was night time before Shilla returned to the academy. Lady Wickshire had sent her to have some one watch the Krain household. The day before, she had received information that Walter's mother and one of the neighbours were planning to have Walter come out shopping with them, then let Walter take the daughter out sight seeing. Walter's mother was using this opportunity to create a good marriage match for her son. She had reported it to Her Ladyship and was instructed to have someone inform Lady Steinhouse that Walter was in the city and his location.

Her task took all day; mostly because, she had to find a way to pass the information to the maids in the Steinhouse household. She smiled, thinking that Her Ladyship was right. She did not say that she saw Walter. By saying that the man that came visiting Lady Steinhouse was seen in the city, the maids assumed it was the illusive lover. She had not waited too long by the corner of the Steinhouse manor before she saw Lady Steinhouse leaving in a hurry.

She arrived Lady Wickshire's chambers at sun down to the glare of the other two maids.

"Where have you been all day?" Taylor seemed to want to tear Shilla into two. She was not blind; she had noticed that Shilla had become the lady's most trusted. This was not good; the lady could take Shilla away as her maid, when she graduates. She already understo

hem do. Lady Steinhouse has already been brain washed by the rumours. It can only happen if thoughts of Walter has crossed her mind before. This time that Lana girl has caused jealousy. Jealousy is good for them at this moment. Next step, is to push her to the edge. I believe if they see more of each other, they will think of ways to be with each other. I have set the stage; all that must happen now, is up to them." Lucy said and Shilla nodded in understanding.

"What about the message I told you to deliver to Lord Morge?" Lucy asked.

"I told them that you want them to involve Walter in their plans. Can I ask why?" Shilla asked. She was standing guard inside the room when the lady was giving the two lords instructions; she understood the lady had bigger plans brewing. Why she wanted to involve Walter, was something she did not understand.

"I must give them more opportunities to meet." Lucy smiled.

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