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   Chapter 59 Ch eight(7)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 4927

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Walter had left with Lady Steinhouse; both entering the lady's carriage and leaving. Walter was silent for a while before asking her to go into the upper town.

"You are annoyed I talked to her that way?" Lady Steinhouse frowned. Walter only glanced at her silently. All he wanted was some quiet. He felt as though he had just escaped a war; the only thing left was to leave this hot iron sitting beside him behind, before he gets burnt.

"I just saved you from that situation and you are angry with me? Or did you really want to show that girl around the city; I spoilt your happy plans?" she continued to ask in annoyance.

"What has come over you?" Walter asked at last. He wanted to know if she had forgotten who she is. Why would she be pushing him around? What was her purpose?

"What has come over me? So you really wanted to show her around town? I saw the way she was pushed unto you and wanted to help, but it seems I had done something unnecessary." she said feeling very wronged.

"Help? You behaved as though you would eat her raw. If we didn't leave, were you going to bully her till she begged?"

"Why not? Why are you so angry because of how I treated her?" Lady Steinhouse seemed to burst in fury.

"It's not how you treated her that is the problem. What is wrong with you?" he asked.

"How can you scold me over another girl?" she asked and Walter could see the tears threatening to spill from her eyes and sighed, he was officially lost.


as a very good kiss. She only knew one thing; she did not want it to end, she wanted him to do more. She could feel her lower body drumming and heat up, but it was over sooner than she wanted. She moaned as he withdrew.

Walter did not think himself a saint. At his age, he could be described as hot blooded. When he was in the village, he had messed with a lot of the village girls; even spending some time in the brothels of the lower town with his then friends, so knew well how to please a woman. He knew, if he did not stop, it was going to get too far. This woman had been seducing him for a long time; so, as far as he was concerned, she wanted it. If he had not reminded himself that she was out of his league, he would have gone all the way.

The coach had stopped, there was silence, so he could still hear her heavy breathing. The sound was tearing down all his restraints.

"Lady Steinhouse, you are a princess. Don't forget that." he said before leaving quickly.

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