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   Chapter 58 Ch eight(6)

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Walter had not received instructions since he had done his task. Walking around the city with his mother; he could see that the latest development in the royal family has caused the capital to go into a frenzy. The cold was getting more pronounced; he could tell the windy quarter was fully here. He watched his mother and sister's excitement as they tried on clothes for the white cold and sighed. Things were bothering him; things he could not explain.

"Walter." he heard his mother call before she arrived at his side. Beside his mother stood two women. He had glanced at them before, so knew who they were. They were his mother's new friend from the countryside and her daughter.

"This is Mrs. Fionette and her daughter, Lana." his mother introduced. He nodded at the two, in hopes to immediately leave. The look that Lana girl gave him reminded him of the Lady Steinhouse, and he finally understood why he was dragged by his mother to come shopping with them.

"Don't leave so fast, Walter. Since you are here, you should show Lana around the city." his mother stopped him.

"Is this necessarily? You said you would not take time, so why are you branching out to other things? I'm not free today." Water frowned at his mother.

"When are you ever free? I will not take long. I just have a few things to discuss with Mrs. Fionette." Walter'

the benevolence, who would buy clothes at Madame D'huile for just any one? Did this lady think she could make her back down because he got her expensive things? It's winner take all. If nothing else, this made her more interested in Walter. If he could afford Madame D'huile, then he was her perfect catch.

"Yes. He's really nice. He even gave this Princess a token." Lady Steinhouse said with a sweet smile. She had seen the look on the girl's face when she mentioned Madame D'huile. This little girl was irritating her. Seeing her back down the moment she referred to herself as a princess, her smile widened.

"Tell my mother something came up." Walter said to Lana. It was the first time he had said anything to her, so she smiled sweetly and nodded. He then grabbed Lady Steinhouse away.

"Let's go." he said frowned at her. As Lana watched them leave, there was a dangerous glint in her eye.

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