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   Chapter 57 Ch eight(5)

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Lord Morge and Lord of Merve had arrived the Courtkruff academy and were awaiting Lucy in one of the sitting rooms. Lucy made an entrance after a while, letting Shilla stand guard at the door. They stood at her arrival and only sat when she did.

"You look well, Adrian." Lucy addressed Lord of Merve by his given name.

"Not really, the stress between the borders has caused issues with my investments. Even with the forewarning, it still ended up stressful to handle." Lord of Merve answered.

"Remember when I said I would make you and Lanster do work beneath your stations one day?" Lucy asked and Lord Morge sighed. He should have known that this was coming; it was unusual for her to call them by their given names. He just hoped it would not be dangerous.

"It will be dangerous." she said as though reading Lord Morge's mind. The two lords glanced at each other. They knew they could be considered young men as they were in their mids, full of life and courage, but they always dreaded what they could be doing the next day. Lady Wickshire always had something up her sleeves.

"King of Northern Lan would try to arrive the capital earlier than many for the wedding. He would do this in secret, if he has not already. The next queen has underestimated her enemy and has not learnt enough about him to know that. Find out where he is staying." Lucy said.

"You know who the next q

when do you want this done?" Lord of Merve asked.

"Does this old man have any thing to do with Walter Krain and Lady Steinhouse?" Lord Morge had to ask.

"Why do you think so?" Lord of Merve was confused at the sudden randomness of his question.

"I've been keeping an eye on Walter. He gives a token from Madame D'huile to Lady Steinhouse; a token some nobility would not be able to afford. He did this just after rumours of Lady Steinhouse having a lover started spreading." Lord Morge answered.

"You are smart; but don't bother yourself with little details. After you're done, prepare two outfits for yourselves each; this lady is sending you to bear witness to a ceremony in my stead." Lucy said.

"Two? There is only one ceremony that we are attending any time soon; the king's wedding." Lord of Merve asked in confusion.

"There will be another more important. This one, I will officiate if I have to." Lucy said.

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