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   Chapter 56 Ch eight(4)

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King Khor of Northern Lan had arrived Juhntt in secret. Many variables that presented themselves, told him he needed to stay low and gauge the situation. He had heard that his sister is being held at the lower prisons, not even in the palace dungeon in the main castle. Though it was still in the palace grounds, it was still a place for those awaiting execution. He couldn't care less if that sister of his died. As long as she did not spoil his plans. Staying in the Juhntt capital, he found himself listening to all the rumours that has beheld the city as of late.

Lady Steinhouse; he thought of the princess of Juhntt, he had seen only before as a child. He knew that if he guessed right, she would be a beauty by now. A widowed princess, he had never considered her a variable in anything that concerns him. He had once considered her one of his queen candidates, but was refused by King Larken. Soon, she was married to Lord Steinhouse, only to become a widow. News that she had a lover was the talk of the capital at the moment. Imprisoning her mother-in-law and sister-in-law for two days, was another. If anything, it made people think of her as a love struck girl. King Khor processed the information before

find the token to the Jade Hand; her presence would spoil everything. Many years ago, when he had her come here to hand his sister to King Larken to marry, he kept her mother hostage. he did it to guarantee that she will not make a move to save her mother. As long as her mother was in his hands and the antidote for her poison is unknown, she would not move.

He had once thought she would be with the token, but never found it on her. As long as she remained lost, he could infiltrate the Teel family and search till he found it. The holder of that token could command the Jade Hand. With that token, he had no need to fear the Mercenary Alliance or the Teel family. With the Jade Hand, he can take over Juhntt in a swift move, absorbing them into his kingdom; there by making Northern Lan a first rate kingdom.

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