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   Chapter 55 Ch eight(3)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 2923

Updated: 2019-11-17 03:55

The next few weeks were not calm. Sure enough, fights broke out at the boundaries between the two kingdoms. The Northern Laners could not take the insult and started to fight the Juhntts that were near them and asked for a clear division between the two kingdoms so that they may not meet each other. All this while, the king had yet to call back his court since the incident. The palace was completely silent until an announcement was made; the king will remarry in three weeks. The lady to be queen was not named, but invitations had been sent to other kingdoms.

Most kingdoms thought it a bother to appear, some thought it an honour to be invited to such an event. Society was buzzing again. The king had informed the holy tower that they should prepare for the crowning. The women of society whose husbands were invited started having their dresses made and preparing je

hile as Shilla remained kneeling. She did not know that Lucy Had forgotten about her and was in deep thought.

"Hm. News of that Lord Histel's death should have reached them by now. That Ligrel clan would be moving soon. Walter and Lady Steinhouse's relationship should be moved up to a climax quickly." Lucy whispered thoughtfully.

"Ah... the life of a matchmaker..." Lucy sighed lazily, "That king of Northern Lan is coming, maybe I should use him. His kingdom is as good as fallen at this stage of that woman's plan, anyway. He should be of some use to stall that old man."

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