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   Chapter 54 Ch eight(2)

Lucy Wickshire By Mfonemana Uduak Characters: 3463

Updated: 2019-11-17 03:53

In the palace sat a lady lounging in bed as she snacked on olives. She was the Lady Raine. With the queen gone, she made the palace hers. Her voice sang a happy melodious laugh, a sign she was completely pleased.

"The man had great skill, my lady. He was able to create such a song at such short notice. Now, everyone is singing it. Northern Lan should feel the heat now." Ria said with excitement.

"Yes. You have done well." Lady Raine nodded in satisfaction and Ria smiled with pride.

"King of Northern Lan feeling the heat is what we need." Lady Raine said.

"But why? Every thing is all but set. Why must we put that much pressure on them?" Ria asked in confusion. She may think herself smart, but she never truly understood her lady's mind.

"Because we are a first rate kingdom. Even though our plan is set, we must cover all our basis. We must make sure he comes and for an extended period of time." Lady Raine answered.

"He will come for sure. How can he refuse an invitation by the king of a first rate kingdom?" R

is plan was a little bit too good? In one wave, we've swept out eighty percent of the spies from Northern Lan. I trust that king to be suspicious. If all is right, the perfect plan would be for him to leave the kingdom. By the time the invitations are out, he will be sure that this is a ploy to have him leave Northern Lan. He will never leave mother behind to go away that long. In his eyes, only the Jade Hand could accomplish such a plot. Continue to fuel the flames of aggression between the two kingdoms. Arrange for fights to break out around the boundaries, let a few people from each kingdom die. Worry not, that man will come and he will bring my mother." Lady Raine said coldly.

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